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Ford Accessories

A wide range of optional extras were available for the Fiesta including bodykits and spoilers, in car entertainment and car care products.

The Accessories brochures below detail what was available for all models in the range.

Ford Accessories Brochures

  • Ford Accessories 1982Accessories 1982
  • Ford Accessories 1983-84Accessories 1983-84
  • Ford Accessories 1985Accessories 1985
  • Ford Accessories Brrochure 1986-1987Accessories 1986-87
  • Ford Accessories Catalgoue 1987 Accessories 1987
  • Ford Accessories Brochure 1988 Accessories 1988
  • Ford Accessories Book 1988Accessories 1988
  • Ford Accessories Pamphlet 1988Accessories 1989

Ford RS Sport Accessories

The more sporty options were listed in the RS Sport brochure, a list of extras made up of aesthetic upgrades such as bodykits, spoilers and alloy wheel options.

  • RS Accessories 1985
  • RS Accessories 1986
  • RS Accessories 1989

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