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2003 Ford Transit Mk6 Recovery Truck

James Ross

Author: James Ross | Photographer: James Ross

Dodgy Leaf Spring Setup

The springs on this truck are a weird combination of presumably what was to hand. I've been advised that half of them look like Mk5 springs, and the rest presumably came fitted to the Mk6. I've sourced a 2+1 Mk6 set to replace them, and I'll try it with one extra leaf, made from my spare master hanger.

This is the setup that came on the truck:

transit leaf springs Mk6 Ford Transit dodgy leaf pack

Towing eye tidy

In an effort to keep things progressing with limited spare time, I rushed a small job in a spare hour between work meetings. The towing eye was looking very rusty (like much of the truck but most is hidden away), I thought a return to it's factory Saffron Yellow might improve the look of the front end.

I whipped the front bumper off (2x10mm bolts under the arches and 4xT40 Torx bolts on the front, knot-wheeled it back with the grinder and treated with some rust converter, then quickly lashed on some red oxide and top coat.
The coats were far too thick, and ran, and then I inevitably caught it whilst trying to refit the front bumper before it had dried. The end result is pretty poor, and I'm annoyed with myself for not having taken more care with it.

Ford transit mk6 front towing eye rust 2003 Ford transit towing eye painted factory Saffron yellow

Leaf Spring Pack Reassembly

It's finally time to reassemble the leaf pack. I struggled to find a pair of M10 bolts with a small enough head to locate in the axle dimple hole. I wanted some method of holding it still whilst tightening, so tried these high tensile allen headed bolts from eBay. Unfortunately the head sat a bit proud, so I used the poor mans lathe to turn them down, a grinder with flap disc attached and the bolt spinning in a drill chuck.

M10 high tensile bolt for leaf pack

I'm not sure on best method here, but I've opted to keep the refurbed spacer plates and use spray grease in between each of them and the leaves. This is my trial fit:

2003 Ford Transit leaf pack assembly

This is the final thing, 3+1 spring pack:

2003 Mk6 Ford Transit leaf pack 3+1

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