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James Ross

Author: James Ross | Photographer: James Ross

Not a Fiesta for once, our Mondeo Estate daily driver, bought with the intention of a few light mods and a tidy up

Genuine Ford Servicing Parts

It's MOT time for the Mondeo next week, and I've driven around 6000 faultless miles in the car so far, so I think it's earned itself a service. I like to use genuine Ford parts where I can so I checked with my local dealer who wanted £116+ VAT for the service kit and oil. I checked Ford Parts UK online and they offered the same kit for £116.91 including VAT and delivery. Worth waiting 48hrs for a saving of nearly £25 quid. 48hrs later a slightly squashed box covered in Ford tape appeared.

No prizes for guessing what I'll be doing this weekend

ford mondeo parts delivery

The kit gets you the following items:

Part NumberDecription
1088179Oil Filter Element
1581167Air Filter Element
1013938Oil Drain Plug
2042987Fuel Filter
1119616Cabin Odour Filter
15022665w30 Fully Synthetic Oil 5ltrs
15022635w30 Fully Synthetic Oil 1ltr
Ford Mondeo ST 2.2 TDCI Service kit

MOT fail on broken spring

Sadly the Mondeo suffered an MOT failure due to a broken front N/S spring, bit of a shame because I had an unbeaten record of passes on all cars for about 15 years. I guess it serves me right for not jacking it up and having a proper look beforehand. A quick check on ECP showed a standard spring would have been less than £40, but as it has 'sports suspension' they wanted £100. I rang my local Ford dealer who confirmed they could supply a genuine spring, also for £100 and theirs comes with a Ford part number and the two orange and one purple dot that denotes you have a fancier car. Spring with FINIS code 1254029 was ordered at 10am and delivered to the garage just after 3pm for a total of £100.81. Not an expense I was expecting on top of the MOT test, but it could have been worse. I've now got the fun task of replacing the spring this weekend. last time I attempted this job on a Mk3 Mondeo, I ended up with a snapped hub pinch bolt which took me ages to then drill out. I think I'll leave the bolt covered in penetrating oil over night before I attempt it.

mondeo st tdci spring orange and purple coloured identifying dots, part 1254029

Ford Mondeo ST spring replacement and service

Yesterday was car repair day. The spring replacement went a lot better than expected. The liberal dousing of GT85 on the day before seemed to have done a good job of loosening the bolts. To remove the shock absorber, there are three main nuts and bolts to undo under the wing, a 15mm pinch bolt holding the bottom of the shock into the hub, and a futher two nyloc nuts which secure the anti roll bar and brake caliper hose to the strut. The anti roll bar one has a hex key hole int eh centre to prevent the whole lot from turning when you undo the nut. You also need to remove the two 15mm bolts that secure the caliper and tie it up out of the way to prevent strain on the flexi section of the hose, the closet farmer in me found a bit of baler twine to do that bit. The top of the shock is secured with 3x 13mm bolts, accessible from under the bonnet. Getting the shock assembly out of the hub is a bit tricky but applying a pair of spring compressors to the broken coil and then jacking between the hub body and the underside of the shock turret helped it out. Note; dont forget to unplug the abs sensor to prevent it getting broken before you go need the hub.

Ford Mondeo ST TDCI standard brakes Tie up Mondeo caliper to prevent strain Ford Mondeo Mk3 suspension top mount bolts

Once the shock assembly was removed, removing the old spring and fitting the new one wasnt so bad. The 18mm top nut just span when I put the socket wrench on it, so I resorted to holding the centre with an allen key slid through the centre of the socket and rotating the socket with a pair of mole grips. I need to get myself an 18mm swan neck spanner to make things easier for next time. I ended up using two pairs of spring compressors, because the ones I have aren't long enough to compress the total height of the spring in one go. I alos had a problem with the compressed spring compressor protruding higher than the top mount, so had to space it out with a three inch offcut of pipe, making a very thick 'washer'.

Ford Mondeo Mk3 spring replacement

Refitting to the car took a bit longer, the spring needs to be really compressed to allow the shock assembly back into the hub. On the previous car I ended up lowering the sub frame at one side, but with two sets of spring compressors this time, I managed to squash it enough.

With reassembly out of the way it was time to tackle the planned service. The air and cabin filters were really easy, just three bolts for each (three philips and three torx) and a case of swapping the filters. The ones that I removed were in good shape, aside from a few leaves on the outside of the cabin filter which Henry hoover eagerly gobbled up. I found that one of the Torx bolts wasnt actually screwed into the metal panel underneath it, a plastic captive fitting was missing. A quick root around in the unsorted tub of Mondeo bits from a previously scrapped Mk3 Ghia turned one up. A couple of the airbox bolts were looking very rusty and it was borderline if they would come out without stripping the heads. I'll have a dig around ad see if I can replace those in the near future.

The sump drain plug takes a 13mm spanner (not enough clearance to get a socket in) and the cartridge oil filter takes a 36mm socket. The service kit came with a replacement for each, plus a new rubber seal for the filter housing. The oil filter just needs a sharp pull to remove from the dismantled housing, I covered my trousers with oil in the process.

Ford Mondeo Mk3 TDCI oil filter replacement Ford Mondeo Mk3 cartridge oil filter replacement

Last job was the one I'd been putting off, the fuel filter. I was a bit concerned about getting air into the line, but I didnt have any problems. I removed the three fuel line connections and slid it out of its bracket, drained the contents from the old into to the inlet of the new, and reconnected it all up. The car fired up first time with no struggling whatsoever.

Mondeo Mk3 TDCI fuel filter pipe connections

Whilst I was under the car I noticed the heat shield was falling off where the exhaust bends. i had a small piece of spare 'nobbly' heatshield so I cut two squares to make a pair of washer type repair areas and gently hammered them to mesh with the existing heat shield and then reused the orginal fixing nuts on top. A bit of a bodge but it secures the thing for the time being. I'm also on the hunt for a replacement front undertray as that's missing, along with 5 of the push on clips that hold the lower front bumper grill in place.

A fellow estate spotted

I spotted another performance blue diesel estate yesterday. Like his wheel choice and aluminium roof rails.

Ford Mondeo ST TDCI Estate with focus wheels

Scratched performance blue paint

We've been away for a family short break to Chester and the Mondeo's been superb. We had dinner at Chester racecourse and the Mondeo didnt look too out of place sat on the end of a row of newer BMW and Audi's. I think the ST's have aged quite well.

Mondeo at the white horse, chester racecourse.

The one downside to the trip was that someone decided to add a new scratch to my O/S drivers door. I dont know if the Performance Blue paint isnt very hard wearing, or mine is especially thin due to past over buffing, but it seems to pick up scratches really easily

scratched performance blue paint

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