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Ford Fiesta TV Adverts

Nowadays car commercials can be fairly sensible, manufacturers are discouraged and even prevented from showing adverts that depict any sort of driving that could be considered dangerous including speeding. These period commercials from the 70's and 80's featuring Ford Fiesta Mk1 and Mk2's come from a simpler time where the only limit was the terrible technology available to make them with.

Mk1 Fiesta TV Adverts

A French advert for the Mk1 demonstrating some 'extreme' driving.

A sensible German Mk1 Fiesta commercial.

Mk2 Fiesta TV Adverts.

A Spanish Ford Fiesta TV commercial from 1984 containing a pair of Mk2 Ghias accompanied by some rather catchy video game style music.

A English Ford Fiesta 1988 advert featuring the Festival Special edition in tu-tone red and grey.

A classic British advert for the Mk2 focused at upmarket customers.

A French advert for the Ford Fiesta Scoop, a European special edition, with the smoothest manual window winding youve ever seen.

A very cheesy 1987 Spanish advert for the Ford Fiesta Hit special edition, complete with dodgy fashions, 80's stripes and some very wide smiles!

We're not really sure what's going on in this commercial for the French special edition Ford Fiesta Clip, starring a suspicious looking frenchman with a jacket full of cassettes.

Ford Range Commercials

A futuristic commercial covering the 1986 Ford model range, demonstrating some of the new features of the time including lean-burn engines, high security locks, ABS and 4WD.

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