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classic ford show 2017 event photos

Fiesta in The Park 2015

Photos from Fiesta in the Park 2015, the only major Fiesta specific car show
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Fiesta In The Park 2015

Andy's Mk1 Cosworth

This superbly fabricated Mk1 Fiesta has been converted to run a RWD YB, follow the complete project from start to finish...
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Andy's fiesta cosworth

Ford Fiesta Tuareg

A joint design exercise between Ghia in Turin and the Ford Design Centre in Dearborn. Built in 1978, the Tuareg was a desert Fiesta...
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Fiesta Tuareg

Ford Fair 2014

Images from the most recent Ford Fair, the UK's largest annual Ford Specific show
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Ford Fair 2011

Selling Your Fiesta

There will probably come a point where you will probably want to sell your car, taking the time to write a decent advert can make all the difference...
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Mk2 Ghia

Jamie's MK2 XR2 Track Car

This project diary shows how Jamie Rigby transformed a standard Fiesta XR2 into a stripped out track car running a 2.0 Zetec
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jamies mk2 xr2 track car

Mk2 Fiesta Ghia Model Info

The Ghia was released in May of 1984, the name refers to the Italian automobile design and coachbuilding firm who helped to develop the model...
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Mk2 Ghia

Fiesta Wolf Concept

The Ghia developed wolf concept car which went on to influence the Mk1 Fiesta's final design.
See the Wolf concept car

Fiesta Wolf concept car

Leyburn CF Meet 2015

Photos from the classic Ford meet at Tennants auction house, Leyburn.
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fitp 2015 gallery

Classic Motor Show 2014

The gallery of photos from the NEC is now live.
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classic motor show 2014 gallery

Ady's Mk2 XR2 Zetec

Read Ady Brights project Diary for his stunning tiger striped Fiesta XR2 running a Zetec on Bike Carbs
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Ady's XR2 Zetec

Our Popular Plus

A new Fiesta enters the stable, this one is absolutely rust free, the cleanest shell we've found

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Popular Plus

A little about the Project Bobcat website

Project Bobcat is a unofficial resource website for fans, owners and former owners of the retro versions of the Ford Fiesta, manufactured between 1976 and 1989. The Fiesta was developed as a competitor to other small hatches of the era and the project was named 'Bobcat' giving this website it's name.

We hope to keep as many of these cars on the road as possible by offering independent and unbiased help with maintaining, modifying and restoring them as well as keeping a record of their history and some of the most interesting cars that our visitors have created.


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