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Mk1 Ford Fiesta GL (1976-83) Model Info

Sitting somewhere between the L and S models, the Mk1 Fiesta GL gave it's owner a little more luxury over the basic models, Ford described it as 'The Fiesta with added style'. Available with one of three petrol engine choices (950, 1100 or 1300cc), the GL also came equipped with Halogen headlights, a centre console with clock, 'Windsor' fabric trim and a Ford P21 push button radio. The two higher capacity engined car choices were fitted with servo assisted brakes and the 1300 even got a rear anti-roll bar as standard.

Fiesta GL Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour
Diamond WhiteSolid1981Ford Diamond White
Dove GreySolid1981C1Ford Dove Grey
Meadow GreenSolid1981Ford Meadow Green
Midnight BlueSolid1981Ford Midnight Blue
Nordic BlueSolid1981Ford Nordic Blue
Prarie YellowSolid1981Ford Prarie Yellow
Sunburst RedSolid1981Ford Sunburst Red
TerracottaSolid1981Ford Terracotta
Tuscan BeigeSolid1981Ford Tuscan Beige
Venetian RedSolid1981Ford Venetian Red
Arctic BlueMetallic1981Ford Arctic Blue
Aztec BronzeMetallic1981Ford Aztec Bronze
Chestnut BrownMetallic1981Ford Chestnut Brown
Cobalt BlueMetallic1981Ford Cobalt Blue
Crystal GreenMetallic1981Ford Crystal Green
Forest GreenMetallic1981Ford Forest Green
Solar GoldMetallic1981Ford Solar Gold
Strato SilverMetallic1981Ford Strato Silver
Tibetan GoldMetallic1981Ford Tibetan Gold

Known UK Fiesta GL Vehicles

We currently have 56 Mk1 Ford Fiesta GL cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Image
477* *IGLUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldYES
A633 **HGL19831.14spd ManualPetrolGoldYES
AAC* *6GL19831.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedYES
BLP5 **YGL19821.34spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedYES
BUR6 **XGL19821.14spd ManualPetrolNo
EJO2 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolNo
EKE9 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolGold YES
FCL4 **YGL19831.14spd ManualPetrolYES
FKC4 **YGLUnknown1.1YES
FYX2 **WGLUnknown1.3YES
GHW7 **XGLUnknown1.1YES
GRU5 **VGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolYES
GRU5 **VGL19801.34spd ManualPetrolCosmos BlueYES
HHC3 **YGLUnknownYES
HHU1 **XGL19811.04spd ManualPetrolYES
HRN9 **WGLUnknown1.3YES
JEV7 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolCasbian BlueNo
JKR* *VGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolYES
JWC* *YGL19831.14spd ManualPetrolCaspian BlueYES
KPU* *YGL19831.14spd ManualPetrolYES
KTF8 **WGL19811.04spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteYES
KUY1 **XGLUnknown1.3YES
LAN3 **WGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolRegency GreenYES
LEX6 **VGLUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolCorsica BlueYES
LFX* *WGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteNo
LPU8 **YGL19821.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal GreenYES
LTH4 **XGL19821.14spd ManualPetrolYES
LVX9 **WGLUnknown1.3YES
MOR4 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolChampagne Gold No
MOT4 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldNo
MPJ9 **WGL19811.34spd ManualPetrolGoldYES
MRR6 **WGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolYES
NOV* *XGLUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolBlueYES
OAO3 **WGLUnknown1.1YES
OHU5 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolMetallic BlueNo
OLR8 **WGL19801.14spd ManualPetrolYellowYES
OPP5 **VGL19801.64spd ManualPetrolYES
OWJ7 **XGL19811.34spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldYES
PGP2 **YGL19831.14spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedYES
PNV7 **VGL19801.34spd ManualPetrolYES
RAB3 **YGLUnknown1.1YES
RDV7 **WGL19811.34spd ManualPetrolYES
RFX5 **WGL19834spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverYES
ROH6 **YGL19821.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteYES
SAH3 **WGLUnknown1.1YES
SDU1 **WGLUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal GreenYES
SFM9 **VGL19801.34spd ManualPetrolBeige YES
SMG* *YGL19821.34spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedYES
SPL* *XGL19821.34spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldYES
ULN3 **XGL19811.14spd ManualPetrolBeige YES
UMC2 **YGL19831.34spd ManualPetrolBeigeYES
VLS4 **XGL19821.14spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedNo
VRT3 **XGL19821.34spd ManualPetrolTerracottaYES
WCW6 **YGLUnknown1.3YES
WRS2 **YGLUnknown1.1YES
XDG7 **XGL19821.34spd ManualPetrolCaribbean BlueYES

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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