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Ford Fair 2004 event photos

Sunday the 1st of August 2004 produced another bright and sunny day for the 18th annual Ford Fair, with hundreds of cars on display. Interesting cars included a Mk6 Fiesta with a Cosworth engine and a heavily modified Mk5 with Punto headlights. The 0-60 sprint and track time sessions were as popular as ever, and over 75 club stands attended. The Mk1 Focus seemed to be one of the most common cars on display and a row of almost identical 20 plus Focus RS's dominated one stand, splitting opinions on whether it was great to see so many new cars lined up together, or a bit boring to look at. We spied several Mk1 and Mk2 Fiestas including the 'Zetecinside' Mk1, several immaculate Mk2 XR2s and a very nice yellow Y plate Mk1 tucked away in the visitors car park.

We're big fans of the Mad Max films, so seeing a 4 door Mk3 Ford Cortina dressed up as a MFP Pursuit vehicle was something interesting.

Ford Fair Photos

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