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Mk1 Ford Fiesta Model Model Spec Information

The first generation of the Ford Fiesta was produced between July 1976 and August 1983 and is known as the Mark 1 (Mk1). The Fiesta was designed to be a low cost, front wheel drive, multi-national automobile, competing with the likes of the Peugeout 104, Renault 5 and Volkswagen Polo. During its production run, 9 core models were produced, Base, Popular, Popular Plus, L, GL, Ghia, S, Supersport and XR2.

Although production began at Fords German plant in July 1976, the Fiesta didn't launch in the United Kingdom until February 1977, and wasn't mentioned in the 'Ford Cars' range brochure until April of the same year.

Standard Fiesta Range (United Kingdom)

Details of the Mk1 fiesta range specification including optional extras, original pricing and known UK cars

Fiesta Special Editions

Limited production run models were released throughout the Fiestas production span to boost sales. Follow the links below to see the differences between them.

European Fiesta Models

Standard Range (USA)

The U.S version of the Mk1 was built to slightly different specifications to the European vehicles. The core models of Base, Decor, Sport and Ghia were only available with a 1596cc Kent crossflow, which came equipped with a catalytic converter to meet stringent emissions controls in states such as California.

Other differences to satisfy American regulations include bumpers designed to withstand an impact at 5mph with no structural damage, advanced crash dynamics and improved fuel system integrity, as well as round sealed beam headlamps and additional side-marker lights. Due to the warmer climate in some states, air conditioning was available at extra cost.

Aftermarket Conversions

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Convertible Conversions

Other Conversions