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A little about the Project Bobcat website

Project Bobcat is a unofficial resource website for fans, owners and former owners of the retro versions of the Ford Fiesta, manufactured between 1976 and 1989. The Fiesta was developed as a competitor to other small hatches of the era and the project was named 'Bobcat' giving this website it's name.

We hope to keep as many of these cars on the road as possible by offering independent and unbiased help with maintaining, modifying and restoring them as well as keeping a record of their history and some of the most interesting cars that our visitors have created.

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Fiesta In The Park 2015

The original Fiesta cabriolet conversion, see the full listing of known cars.

Project Bobcat | 19th March 2019

Instrument Cluster Wiring

Fiesta In The Park 2015

Upgrade from low spec to high spec clocks with this easy to follow wiring guide.

Project Bobcat | 4th December 2018

Ford Gearbox Ratios

Fiesta In The Park 2015

Ratios, final drive and part numbers for common BC, IB5 and MTX75 gearboxes.

Project Bobcat | 2nd April 2018

Ford Zetec engine guide

Fiesta In The Park 2015

Dont know your silvertop Zetec-E from your ST170? A quick run down of Ford's Zetec engines.

Project Bobcat | 5th February 2019

Fordmeet 2017

classic ford show 2017 event photos

Photos from the biannual Squires Cafe Ford gathering.

Project Bobcat | 2017