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Mk2 Model info (1983-1989)

The Mk2 Fiesta was available as six core models during it's production run, initially launched with the models Popular, Popular Plus, L, Ghia, XR2 was quickly added and then the 1.4S model filled in the gap for those who wanted a sporty model but couldn't stretch to the XR2.

As well as the main models, several special editions were produced and an even larger number of dealership specials due to Ford dealers being able to order a batch in a particular colour or with certain accessories fitted.

The links below detail some of the differences between the various model specs and provide a reference to help identity one car from another. If you can help improve the information listed or know of a car that's missing from our UK registration database, please get in touch via our Facebook page or drop us an email at: info@projectbobcat.com.

Standard UK Fiesta Range

Special Editions

European Fiesta Models

Dealer Specials

It was common practise for dealerships to boost car sales by applying extra decals and marketing them as 'special editions'. Often a batch of cars was ordered by the dealer in a particular colour or to a certain spec. Listed below are some of these models that we've come across including the infamous 'XR2 40', reportedly a batch of 80 XR2's ordered in Rosewood red and metallic blue (40 in each colour). These Fiestas were fitted with a numbered plaque (1-40 for each colour) on the dashboard.

Aftermarket Conversions