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otto models ford fiesta

Collectable scale models are a great way to have a car collection without the expense or space issues of the real thing. Sadly they arent much fun to drive either but that's beside the point. Quite a few of the worlds renowned toy manufacturers have produced small diecast or resin models of the Ford Fiesta over the years, and as the car heads ever closer to classic status, some larger versions have appeared, most notably from Otto models, a French manufacturer specialising in producing small batch resin models, of vehicles that are typically harder to find in 1/18th scale.

Mk1 Fiesta Models

1/43 Scale 1976 Solar Gold Mk1 Fiesta

Manufactured by Minichamps, this Gold metallic 1:43 scale Mk1 with brown interior was released in 2006. It's officially licensed by Ford, and is produced to the usual high quality standard that Minichamps are known for.

solar gold minichamps mk1 ford fiesta

Corgi 1/43 Hertfordshire Police Mk1 Fiesta GL

This Corgi Vanguard 1:43 scale Fiesta 1.3 GL features a blue interior and is decorated with Hertfordshire Police livery. It's registration plate (MPU28V) belongs to an actual 1980 1.3 GL, although we dont know if it was actually a police car. The Corgi part number if you'd like to buy one is VA12503.

Corgi diecast Mk1 Ford Fiesta police car

1/43 Scale Jaegermeister Liveried Fiesta

A 1/43 scale diecast of the 1980 Group 2 Ford Fiesta from the 1980 Hockenheim hill climb by an Unknown Manufacturer

jaegermeister mk1 fiesta diecast

Mk2 Fiesta Models

1/18th Scale OTTO Models Ford Fiesta XR2

Produced by the French manufacturer 'Otto Models', and originally released in 2012, this is the only 1/18th scale model produced commercially to date. It is based on a none-sunroof, early left hand drive car with a Rainbow cloth interior and pepperpot alloy wheels. The model itself is made from resin and has a nice weight to it. Although the car has no functioning openings such as doors or bonnet, the finish is very good as with all Otto models.

2012 Release

In 2012, the initial batch of the model was produced in Diamond White as a limited edition run of 1500 pieces, it is reasonably accurate with a couple of noticeable exceptions such as the roof mounted aerial.

otto fiesta xr2 otto fiesta xr2 side otto fiesta xr2 front otto fiesta xr2 rear

2016 Release

In 2016 Otto produced a second batch of a further 1500 pieces, but this time in red (possibly radiant), again with an early interior. Pre-orders were limited to two vehicles per customer, but they sold out rapidly before they became available for 'regular' sale and immediately began commanding premiums of £100+ on selling websites.

2016 1/18th scale resin ford fiesta xr2 from otto models

1/43 Scale 1984 Ford Fiesta Ghia

Other Models

We currently dont have any other models to display

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