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The History of the Ford Fiesta

Mk1 Fiesta Ghia history

Ford's successful supermini is now in it's seventh generation, having sold in excess of ten million cars worldwide. Originally released in 1976, the Mk1 version of the car continued production until 1983 when it was replaced by the facelifted Mk2 model which was produced up until 1989. The articles below focus on different aspects of the cars history including a look at some of the factories where it was produced, and the design prototypes that shaped the car we now know.

Fiesta Mk1

Fiesta Mk2

Fiesta Convertibles & Related Conversions

Fiesta Concepts

From sketches through to fully built, functional prototypes, the design process for the Fiesta was a huge investment for Ford, some of the concepts that helped to finalise the Fiesta's design are listed below.

Ford Factories

The Fiesta was assembled at several plants across Europe with the American Mk1 version being built to a slightly different specification at one of Fords two German plants, located in Cologne.