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The UK Mk1 & Mk2 Ford Fiesta Register

The Fiesta register is a enthusiast-based project to record all retro/classic Ford Fiestas that were manufactured between 1976 and 1989. It is open to all Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Fiestas using the mainland UK registration system. To view the entries for each mark and model please select your model of choice from the Model Spec page.

Note: Please allow 24hrs for your entry to appear in the database.

Search the Database

Check to see if your car is already on the register, enter your registration number in the box below. We have 6610 Mk1 and Mk2 Fiestas in the database so far!

Submit a Fiesta

If the Fiesta you're searching for isn't already on the database, please fill out the form below to add it in.

Registration numbers will be partially starred out automatically for privacy purposes so please ensure to enter them in full in the registration field. If you wish to hide the numberplate of your vehicle in the photo you provide, please do so before submitting the image.

The information submitted in this form will be used to update our fiesta register, please read our privacy policy for details on how your data is used.

NOTE: Removing your Vehicle from the register: We rely on visitor contributions to keep this register going and do not track the source of submissions. If an image belonging to you has been submitted without your knowledge and you wish to remove it, or you wish to alter/remove your own submission in any way, please drop us an email and we will either edit out the registration in the photograph if acceptable, or remove it entirely if you would prefer.

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Fiesta In The Park 2015

The original Fiesta cabriolet conversion, see the full listing of known cars.

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