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Speedy's Fiesta Mk2 XR2


Car - Fiesta XR2 (Non sunroof Model)
YEAR - 1988
ENGINE - As per the rules for this class of racing,it uses standard Ford items only. The main mechanical modifications being...
Standard springs,cut to lower
Weber 32/34 DFT carb with K&N or Pipercross filter fitted
Braided fuel hoses
Exhaust is made from standard XR2,but the rear replaced with a Mk1 vauxhall cavalier silencer.
Gear Oil replaced with ATF
Battery where passenger seat was
Aluminium Fuel tank where rear seat once was.

Fuel lines re-routed inside car.
American aluminium racing seat and 5 point harness.
The only lights are 2 brake lights. These are actually fog lamps,and are fitted in the rear window.
A full roll cage fitted,and doors welded shut.
Rolling road showed 109bhp.
Tyres are 185/60/14 Technic V-Blades on the front
185/60/13 Technic V-Blades on the rear.
Other occasionally used tyre is the now unavailable Marangoni Heron.

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