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Rich Wise's Mk2 XR2 Fiesta ZVH Turbo

Rich Wise (known as Rolls to those of us on the car forums) bought this car back in August 2001, ironically from the same garage that sold it when new. Originally his plan was to keep the car looking standard, as it was already a clean example of a Strato Silver XR2. That plan didnt last long as five minutes after picking it up, he fitted a Renault Clio rear wiper.

In 2002 Rich converted the car to run a Fiesta RS Turbo engine complete with chipped OFAB management, a T2 Turbo, K&N filter and Powerflow exhaust giving a respectable 150bhp.

One year after the initial conversion, the CVH engine started to smoke so Rolls removed it with the intention of giving it a full rebuild, however as these things tend to, things escalated a little. A new head to replace the previous (due to a small crack appearing) and a 1.8 Zetec bottom end were coupled with a larger T3 Turbo giving 145bhp at the wheels using a mere 6psi of boost.

Bodywork and Exterior

  1. 1985 Strato Silver Mk2 Fiesta Xr2
  2. Red pinstripe graphics
  3. Clear front indicators
  4. Clear rear lights
  5. Clio rear wiper
  6. Front bumper modded for intercooler


1.8 ZVH engine with a spec as follows:

  1. 1.8 zetec bottom end, compression ratio of approximately 7.9;1
  2. Frst flywheel (as it is lighter) modded to suit
  3. Frst crank position sensor
  4. Stage 3 cylinder head, oversize inlet and exhaust valves, ported and polished
  5. Kent cvh35 cam kit, inc. anti-pump lifters
  6. Kent alloy vernier adjustable pulleyBeige (701) injectorsK&N Frst induction kit
  7. Stage 2 hybrid T3 turbo, inc 360 thrust bearing and -31 actuator, and cosworth compressor wheel
  8. Cosworth PP8 spark plugs
  9. Powerflow center exit exhaust with modified Erst downpipe
  10. Bajoo ECU Chip
  11. NMS reversed cross over pipe
  12. Forge motorsport alloy front mount intercooler
  13. Kenlowe fan
  14. Sapphire cosworth fuel pump
  15. Fusion fabrication oil breather
  16. Fusion fabrication cam belt cover
  17. Fusion Fabrication wiper motor cover
  18. Fusion Fabrication turbo heat shield
  19. Mirage brake reservoir cover
  20. Samco boost and water hoses
  21. Powder coated red rocker cover
  22. Polished plenium and thermostat housing
  23. Vibratec competition engine mounts
  24. Modified top engine mount
  25. Greddy Profec boost controller


  1. FRST Gearboc
  2. LUK fast road clutch kit


BK racing 238 alloy wheels, with Falken ZE502 rubber 195/45/r15's on the back, Toyo Proxes TS1 on the front


Braided brake hoses all round Red Dot grooved discs and pads

Suspension and Handling

  1. Spax -35mm PSX Lowering kit with adjustable damping
  2. Rear strut brace


  1. RS1800i recaro's Momo racing steering wheel
  2. momo gear knob White dial kit
  3. Autometer lunar 5" monster tach with built in shift light
  4. Autometer pro comp oil pressure, water temp gauges
  5. Fiesta Festival Centre Console

Audio and other In Car Entertainment (ICE)

  1. Pioneer PEH61000 headunit and remote
  2. Kenwood 13cm dual-mag front speakers
  3. Rockford fanatic's 10cm rear speakers

Where is it now

Unfortunately in 2004 the car was rolled on a wet night on the A127. Luckily for the occupants, the extent of the injuries were a missing shoe and the passenger losing his glasses. The car didnt come out of it so well, the Fiesta was beyond economical repair and written off.

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