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Centre Console Options

Mk1 Fiesta

NEW CONSOLE Ford Mk1 Single DIN Accessory Centre Console. Pictured fitted with Radio SRT 32 M-1.

The 1982 Ford Accessory brochure describes it as "Designed for radios or combined units, this console comes complete with a mounting adaptor (Fiesta Base and Fiesta L)"

Part Number :

COMBINED UNIT CONSOLE Ford Mk1 Single DIN Accessory Centre Console. Pictured fitted with Radio STR 32 P

Also from the 1982 Accessory Brochure, the description reads "Incorporates an integral cassette storage facility (Fiesta Base and Fiesta L)

Part Number:

Mk2 Fiesta

LOW SPEC Ford Mk2 Single DIN Centre Console. Pictured fitted with Radio P 32

As fitted to Mk2 Fiestas with the 'Low Spec' dash option. Includes two storage compartment, a tray and a coin holder.

Part Number:

FINIS CODES: Steel Grey:1632566, Mocha:1632565,


LOW SPEC Ford Mk2 Centre Console.

As fitted to automatic transmission Mk2 Fiestas during 1987 and 1988.

Part Number:

FINIS CODES: Bluestone:1632579, Mid Taupe:1632578, Shadow Grey:1632577, Black:1650680

HIGH SPEC Ford Mk2 Centre Console Pictured with automatic transmission surround

Fitted to high spec models including the Fiesta Ghia as well as late XR2, and L models. The item pictured is blue, this console was also available in grey and brown depending on the interior trim colour.

Part Number: 85FB-B045B54-AA

FINIS CODES : Bluestone:1632564, Taupe:1632563, Shadow Grey: 1632562

FESTIVAL Ford Mk2 Centre Console

Fitted to the Ford Fiesta Festival Special Edition model. This console was available with either a coin rack or a space for a radio fader to be fitted.

Part Number:

FINIS CODES : Shadow Grey With Fader Slot: 1647849, With Coin Tray:1647845