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Fitting an Interior Light Delay

Newer cars usually come fitted with a interior light delay which allows the light to stay on in the vehicle for a few seconds after the door has been shut, this feature is always useful as it lets you make any adjustments to the driving set up without having to turn on the interior light manually. Luckily this is a very simple and cheap modification that can easily be carried out to any Mk1 or 2 Fiesta.

Things You'll Need

A 5 pin light delay unit
Automotive Wire (a 15amp rating will be enough)
Spade connectors (or alternatively you could wire this into a spare slot in the Ford relay holder if there is space available)

Wiring instructions

  1. Find the wire that goes between the light and door plunger switch and cut it.
  2. Connect pin 31S to the wire coming from the door plunger switch wire.
  3. Connect pin 15 to a Fused (10amp) Ignition Controlled Live.
  4. Connect pin 31L to the wire from the courtesy light.
  5. Connect pin 31 to a suitable earth point.
  6. Connect pin 30 to a Permanant Live i.e. Fuse 1.

Page Last Updated: Thursday 21st of March 2019