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Fitting Mk3 Fiesta Si Wingback Seats Into a Mk2

Thanks to the Author and Photographer, BLU, for submitting this guide

Guide to modifying MK2 seat runners for Si wingbacks

Here's a quick guide for modding Mk2 seat runners to fit Si wingback seats. This will also work for XR2i and XR3i wingbacks (but not the ones with the height adjuster!) I accept no responsibility for any damage or loss due to following my guide. Please double check any measurements to make sure they are suited to your car/seat combo.

First, strip off the bottom cushion of the seat by undoing the two plastic screws, once undone lift up and forward to remove.

Underside of Fiesta Si Seat base

Once this is removed undo the four 13mm nuts and remove the seat runners.

Fiesta Si Seat bolts

After much measuring I worked out that the fixings on the Mk2 runners need to be moved out by 5/8". This worked out an 1 1/2" from the inner edge. A mark was made.

Then a 7mm hole was drilled.

Which was then tapped with an M8x1.25 tap.

Once tapped a 20mm long M8x1.25 stud was inserted into the hole and welded up from the inside.

The spring that alters the adjuster needed shortening and re-siting as it fouled the plastic bottom of the seat from this:

to this:

Completed runners

The seat base was trimmed (same both sides).

..and refitted along with the Mk2 runners, job done ready to fit in the car!!

Page Last Updated: Thursday 21st of March 2019