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Fitting Red Seatbelts

Finding and removing the seatbelts

MG Maestro
1990 MG Maestro Turbo

Red seatbelts were fitted to the MG Metro, Meastro, Montego and various other Austin Special Editions such as the Metro ARX and some Sport models.

To remove the seatbelts from a MG Metro first remove the plastic trim/covers from the seatbelt reels. These are held on with four self tapping screws.Using a large socket remove the brass coloured bolt that holds the seatbelt reel in place. Next pop off the plastic trims from the seatbelt anchor on the door pillar. Remove the brassy bolt from here and the bolt that holds the seat belt floor bar down, still using the same size socket. Withdraw the whole lot, It is NOT possible to seperate any parts from the seatbelt assembly. Unhoop the belt end from the floor bar. Luckily the clip/linkage bit is the same as the fiesta on most models but some may need them changing.

Fitting the belts to your Fiesta

Remove your Fiesta Belts, the method of removal is the same as above except you have to remove the interior cards, they're held in with plastic clips that will usually snap, to access the seat belt reels.
For rear belts look in the boot and under the seat.
Also, some parts of the front seat belt assembly will have to be threaded-through the rear interior cards. Pop-off the small plastic trim bits first.
Feed the new MG belt bits through the side trim cards before bolting them in place of the Fiesta ones. You will use the Metro door pillar bracket for this which is smaller than the Fiesta item.
You'll need the plastic trims from the Metro for the pillar attachments although some of them are directly replaceable with the Fiesta trim.

Finally thread the hoop end of the belt over the Fiesta floor bar and thats it ! You now have red belts. Be careful when fitting the reel mechanisms, if fitted at an odd angle they'll keep snatching the belt.
One last thing, the MG belts will have grey/brown coloured trim around the snap-in bit. Colour these using a black marker! If you're really daring you could break them off, break some Fiesta ones and glue them back together over the end.

Xr2 with red Seatbelts
Picture used with the kind permission of wiraxr2

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