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Ford Cougar ECU Codes

ford cougar fitted with a bonnet bra

A list of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) codes fitted to the Ford Cougar, a front wheel drive Mk2 Mondeo derived sports coupe sold in the UK between 1998 and 2002. The Cougar was available with a 2.0 litre blacktop Zetec, or a 2.5 V6 Duratec as fitted to the ST24. The V6 produces 167BHP in standard form with a top speed of 140mph using the Cougar/Mondeo box (or 131mph with an auto box). You can find the ECU code/Name on a sticker on the ECU itself.

All Cougars were fitted with the PATS security system so to get the engine running using standard management in a different vehicle, the transponder and key will be needed.

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Cougar 2.5 litre V6 ECU Codes

Variant Year ECU Name Type OEM Ref Number PATS FINIS Part Output (BHP)
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve 98 on USES EECV 98BB-12A650-AAE YES XEF8BBAE 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve Auto 98 on ZAP1 EECV 98BB-12A650-CRA YES XEF8BBCA 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve 99 on TOSS EECV XS7V-12A650-AH YES XEFS7VAH 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve 00 on USA0 EECV YS7F-12A650-AB YES XEFS7FAB 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve 00 on REEL EECV YS7F-12A650-GA YES XEFS7FGA 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve 00 on THEN EECV YS7F-12A650-HA YES XEFS7FHA 167BHP
2.5 litre V6 24 Valve Auto 00 on ZDN0 EECV YS7F-12A650-BB YES XEFS7FBB 167BHP

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