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Ford Fiesta Engine Specifications

In the UK all Fiestas sold came with a carburetor equipped engine (some areas of Europe got a 1.4 injection version , lucky them). Below is a list of the carb variations across the Fiesta Mk1/Mk2 range along with a brief explanation. Also listed are the most common upgrades available. Interesting fact, to carburate means to mix air and fuel hence the name. In the case of single choke Webers, the ID will be cast/stamped on to the float chamber, e.g. 32 ICH.

Mk.1 Fiesta Engine Options

Engine Capacity Cylinders Compression Ratio Carburetor DIN PS at RPM DIN Torque MKP
1 1981-83 1.6 Weber 32/34 DFT
2 Ford VV
2 1983-86 1.0 Ford 1V
2 1984-87 1.6 Weber 2V (DFT)
2 Weber 2V DFTM
2 Weber 2V TLD

Standard Carbs

Ford VV Carb

The Ford Venturi Variable (VV) Carb is commonly found on the OHV Fiestas. Over the years it's gained a reputation as being a bit rubbish which is a unfair. It's a good carb and when running correctly providing reasonable economy and trouble free motoring. The problems occur when sings of wear start to appear to the carb body, fuel needle and metering rod. Service kits are pretty much impossible to find, and new old stock units rarely come up for sale. The commonly recommended upgrade is the Weber 32 IBF carb.

Idle speed (fan on) 750 to 850 rpm
Idle mixture setting (CO level) 1 to 2%

Weber 32ICH

The 32ICH or 1v as it's sometimes known, is a round carb fitted the the 957cc Fiesta from the factory.

Idle speed 775 to 825 rpm
Idle mixture setting (CO level) 1.20 to 1.30%
Float height 29.0 to 31.0 mm
Choke fast idle 3100 to 3300 rpm
Venturi diameter 22
Main jet 112
Air correction jet 220

Weber 2V DFT 4B Carb

Early (1983-86) Mk2 Fiesta XR2's were fitted with the twin choke Webber 32 DFT carb which is considered the 'better' carb to use on your CVH engined XR2. This carb was also fitted on the none injection Escort XR3. In 1986 the carb was replaced by the twin choke Weber 28/32 TDLM which produced less power.

As Standard the DFT carb was fitted with the following jets: Primary: 115 main, 50 idle, F30 emulsion, Secondary: 125 main, 60 idle, F30 emulsion

Weber 28/32 TDLM

Part Number: 22670.978

The 28/32 TDLM was a fuel economy focused carburetor fitted to the later ('86 on) revison of the Mk2 Fiesta XR2.

Carburetor Upgrade Options

Weber 32 IBF

Part Number: 15270.793

The 32 IBF is the go-to upgrade for the standard Ford VV Carb fitted to the 950cc and 1117cc engines. Offered as a complete upgrade kit suitable for cars manufactured between 1980 and '86, it comes with everything needed to fit it to a Fiesta. The kit includes a spacer, stud, fuel line Y-piece, a fuel line and solenoid adaptor wire. The Weber has good spares support, and is a solid performer that turns up for sale regularly at reasonable cost.

Twin Carbs

No factory model came equipped with twin carbs, but retro fitting them used to be a popular upgrade in the days before plentiful Zetec conversions. Popular manufacturers include Weber and Dellorto who both manufactured side and down draft twin carbs suitable for the 1.6 CVH engine