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Ford Fiesta ECU Codes

A list of ECU codes fitted to the Ford Fiesta model. The code can be found one on a sticker attached to the ECU. For fitment to a Mk1 or 2 Fiesta, a non PATS (passive anti theft system) is the simplest to get up and running.

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Fiesta ECU Codes

Variant Year ECU Name OEM Ref Number PATS FINIS Part Output (BHP)
XR2i 1.6 litre 89-90 9AAA 89AB-12A650-AA 6174054 XEF9ABAA
XR2i 1.6 litre 90 9AAC 89AB-12A650-AC 1661949 XEF9ABAC
XR2i 1.6 litre 90-91 9ADA 89AB-12A650-DA XEF9ABDA
XR2i 1.6 litre 90-91 9AFA 89AB-12A650-FA XEF9ABFA
XR2i 1.6 litre 90-91 1ADA 91AB-12A650-DA 6565650 XEF1ABDA
XR2i 1.6 litre 90-94 1ABD 91AB-12A650-DB 6669509 XEF1ABDB
XR2i 1.6 litre 90-91 1AFA 91AB-12A650-FA 6565651 XEF1ABFA
1.6 litre 16 Valve 94-98 GURU 94AB-12A650-GB 7176869 XEF4ABGB
1.8 litre 16 Valve 92-93 NEON 92FB-12A650-CE 7225398 XEF2FBCE 105 BHP
1.8 litre 16 Valve 94 on BEAU 94FB-12A650-BB XEF4FBBB 105BHP
RS1800 16 Valve 92 2DFC 92FB-12A650-DC 673319 XEF2FBDC 130BHP
RS1800 16 Valve 92 ALSO 92FB-12A650-DD XEF2FBDD 130BHP
RS Turbo 1.6 litre 90-91 OFAB V90FB-12A650-AB 6556433 XEF0FBAB
RS Turbo 1.6 litre 91-95 OFAC V90FB-12A650-AC 6626400 XEF0FBAC

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