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Fiesta Paint Codes

Browse the list of paint options for the Mk1 and Mk2 to find your Fiestas original colour.

Mk1 Fiesta VIN plate

The colour code for your car can be found on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate which is attached to the front slam panel, usually on the drivers side. On left-hand drive cars it was sometimes attached to the opposite side (their drivers) or to the bulkhead. The illustrations included on this page show where the paint code is stamped on the VIN plate for both Mk1 and Mk2 Cars, which had slightly different styles of vin plate.

Fiesta VIN plate

The codes are made up of a character representing the colour for that year and a second number which in theory denotes the year. e.g A4 would represent colour A for that year and the 4 would signify a 1984 car. Unfortunately this isnt a perfect system, many cars have a number that doesnt correspond to the year of manufacture at all, an A9 code which should signify a Black 1989 car can sometimes appear on a 1985 car for example.

Please note that many of the codes included in this info table were submitted by owners and have not been independently verified, always check with a Ford dealer before ordering paint based on this information. If you can add to the info displayed please email the webmaster at info@projectbobcat.com

Although rare to find in-tact, cars appear to have also had a sticker inside the boot, usually just below the boot latch plate. This sticker stated the colour name, full Ford part number for the colour (starting XSC..), and finally the paint manufacturer. Paint suppliers at the time included Sikkens, Dr.Kurt Herberts and Bollig & Kemper.

Ford Fiesta Mk1 paint codes

Paint colour information for Mk1 Fiestas (1976-1983) divided by year of availability.

1976 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Bermuda BlueSolid1976Ford Bermuda Blue4
BlackSolid1976Ford BlackA
Diamond WhiteSolid1976Ford Diamond WhiteB
Laurel GreenSolid1976K
Nevada BeigeSolid1976Ford Nevada Beige8
Royal BlueSolid1976G
Signal Green 77Solid1976J
Signal Orange 77Solid1976H
Signal Yellow 77Solid19769
Venetian RedSolid1976Ford Venetian RedR
Special PaintN/A1976Y
Arizona GoldMetallic1976Q
Helios GoldMetallic1976N
Jade GreenMetallic1976Ford Jade Green5
Jupiter RedMetallic19763
Mars GreenMetallic19762
Miami BlueMetallic19761
Roman BronzeMetallic1976Ford Roman BronzeS
Saturn BlueMetallic19766
Strato SilverMetallic1976V

1977 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Calypso GreenSolid1977Ford Calypso Green
Diamond WhiteSolid1977Ford Diamond White
Fjord BlueSolid1977Ford Fjord Blue
Highland GreenSolid1977Ford Highland Green
Midnight BlueSolid1977Ford Midnight Blue
Riviera BlueSolid1977Ford Riviera Blue
Sierra BeigeSolid1977Ford Sierra Beige
Signal OrangeSolid1977Ford Signal Orange
Signal YellowSolid1977Ford Signal Yellow
Tuscan BeigeSolid1977Ford Tuscan Beige
Venetian RedSolid1977Ford Venetian RedRXSC 1136
Apollo GreenMetallic1977Ford Apollo Green
Cosmos BlueMetallic1977Ford Cosmos Blue
Jupiter RedMetallic1977Ford Jupiter Red
Oyster GoldMetallic1977Ford Oyster Gold
Regency GreenMetallic1977Ford Regency Green
Roman BronzeMetallic1977Ford Roman BronzeS
Strato SilverMetallic1977Ford Strato Silver

1978 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Bermuda BlueSolid1978Ford Bermuda Blue
BlackSolid1978Ford Black
Diamond WhiteSolid1978Ford Diamond White
Fjord BlueSolid1978Ford Fjord Blue
Highland GreenSolid1978Ford Highland Green
Midnight BlueSolid1978Ford Midnight Blue
Nevada BeigeSolid1978Ford Nevada Beige
Peppermint GreenSolid1978Ford Peppermint Green
Sierra BeigeSolid1978Ford Sierra Beige
Signal AmberSolid1978Ford Signal Amber
Signal OrangeSolid1978Ford Signal Orange
Signal YellowSolid1978Ford Signal Yellow
Venetian RedSolid1978Ford Venetian RedR
Cosmos Blue/Strato SilverMetallic/Metallic1978Ford Cosmos Blue/Strato Silver
Apollo GreenMetallic1978Ford Apollo Green
Cosmos BlueMetallic1978Ford Cosmos Blue
Hawaiian BlueMetallic1978Ford Hawaiian BlueE
Jupiter RedMetallic1978Ford Jupiter Red
Oyster GoldMetallic1978Ford Oyster GoldC
Regency GreenMetallic1978Ford Regency Green
Roman BronzeMetallic1978Ford Roman BronzeS
Strato SilverMetallic1978Ford Strato Silver

1979 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1979Ford Black
Cordoba BeigeSolid1979Ford Cordoba Beige
Corsican BlueSolid1979Ford Corsican Blue
Diamond WhiteSolid1979Ford Diamond White
Highland GreenSolid1979Ford Highland Green
Java GreenSolid1979Ford Java Green
Midnight BlueSolid1979Ford Midnight Blue
Nordic BlueSolid1979Ford Nordic Blue
TerracottaSolid1979Ford Terracotta
Venetian RedSolid1979Ford Venetian RedR
Roman Bronze/Cordoba BeigeMetallic/Solid1979
Cosmos BlueMetallic1979Ford Cosmos Blue
Nova GreenMetallic1979Ford Nova Green
Roman BronzeMetallic1979Ford Roman Bronze
Sable BrownMetallic1979Ford Sable Brown
Signal RedMetallic1979Ford Signal Red
Signal YellowMetallic1979Ford Signal Yellow
Sirius RedMetallic1979Ford Sirius Red
Solar GoldMetallic1979Ford Solar Gold
Strato SilverMetallic1979Ford Strato Silver

1980 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Cordoba BeigeSolid1980Ford Cordoba Beige
Corsican BlueSolid1980Ford Corsican Blue
Diamond WhiteSolid1980Ford Diamond White
Dove GreySolid1980Ford Dove Grey
Highland GreenSolid1980Ford Highland Green
Java GreenSolid1980Ford Java Green
Meadow GreenSolid1980Ford Meadow Green
Midnight BlueSolid1980Ford Midnight Blue
Nordic BlueSolid1980Ford Nordic BlueT
Prarie YellowSolid1980Ford Prarie Yellow
Signal RedSolid1980Ford Signal Red
Signal YellowSolid1980Ford Signal Yellow
TerracottaSolid1980Ford Terracotta
Venetian RedSolid1980Ford Venetian Red
Aztec BronzeMetallic1980Ford Aztec Bronze
Cosmos BlueMetallic1980Ford Cosmos Blue
Nova GreenMetallic1980Ford Nova Green
Sable BrownMetallic1980Ford Sable Brown
Sirius RedMetallic1980Ford Sirius Red
Solar GoldMetallic1980Ford Solar Gold
Strato SilverMetallic1980Ford Strato SilverV

1981 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Cardinal Red/Strato SilverSolid/Metallic1981Ford Cardinal Red/Strato Silver
Diamond WhiteSolid1981Ford Diamond White
Dove GreySolid1981Ford Dove GreyC1
Meadow GreenSolid1981Ford Meadow Green
Midnight BlueSolid1981Ford Midnight Blue
Nordic BlueSolid1981Ford Nordic Blue
Prarie YellowSolid1981Ford Prarie Yellow
Sunburst RedSolid1981Ford Sunburst Red
TerracottaSolid1981Ford Terracotta
Tuscan BeigeSolid1981Ford Tuscan Beige
Venetian RedSolid1981Ford Venetian Red
Crystal Green/Strato SilverMetallic/Metallic1981Ford Crystal Green/Strato Silver
Roman Bronze/Solar GoldMetallic/Metallic1981
Titan Blue/Strato SilverMetallic/Metallic1981Ford Titan Blue/Strato SilverN1
Arctic BlueMetallic1981Ford Arctic Blue
Aztec BronzeMetallic1981Ford Aztec Bronze
Chestnut BrownMetallic1981Ford Chestnut Brown
Cobalt BlueMetallic1981Ford Cobalt Blue
Crystal GreenMetallic1981Ford Crystal Green
Forest GreenMetallic1981Ford Forest Green
Solar GoldMetallic1981Ford Solar Gold
Strato SilverMetallic1981Ford Strato Silver
Tibetan GoldMetallic1981Ford Tibetan Gold

1982 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Atlantic BlueSolid1982Ford Atlantic BlueL2
BlackSolid1982Ford BlackA2
Cardinal RedSolid1982Ford Cardinal RedR2
Caribbean BlueSolid1982Ford Caribbean BlueJ2
Cordoba BeigeSolid1982Ford Cordoba BeigeF2
Diamond WhiteSolid1982Ford Diamond WhiteB2
Dove GreySolid1982Ford Dove GreyC2
Jasmine YellowSolid1982Ford Jasmine YellowK2
Sienna BrownSolid1982Ford Sienna BrownD2
Sunburst RedSolid1982Ford Sunburst RedP2
Celtic BronzeMetallic1982Ford Celtic Bronze72XSC 1573C
Champagne GoldMetallic1982Ford Champagne Gold52
Cosmos BlueMetallic1982Ford Cosmos BlueQ2
Crystal GreenMetallic1982Ford Crystal Green62
Forest GreenMetallic1982Ford Forest Green42
Graphite GreyMetallic1982Ford Graphite Grey92
Strato SilverMetallic1982Ford Strato SilverV2
Titan BlueMetallic1982Ford Titan Blue32
Venus GoldMetallic1982Ford Venus Gold12
Walnut BrownMetallic1982Ford Walnut Brown82

1983 MK1 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Baltic BlueSolid1983
BlackSolid1983Ford Black
Cardinal RedSolid1983Ford Cardinal Red
Coral BeigeSolid1983Ford Coral Beige
Diamond WhiteSolid1983Ford Diamond White
Pastel GreySolid1983
Pine GreenSolid1983Ford Pine GreenH2
Polar GreySolid1983Ford Polar Grey
Rio BrownSolid1983Ford Rio Brown
Sunburst RedSolid1983Ford Sunburst Red
Caspian BlueMetallic1983Ford Caspian Blue
Champagne GoldMetallic1983Ford Champagne Gold
Crystal GreenMetallic1983Ford Crystal Green
Glacier BlueMetallic1983Ford Glacier Blue
Graphite GreyMetallic1983Ford Graphite Grey
Havana BrownMetallic1983
Imperial RedMetallic1983Ford Imperial Red
Nimbus GreyMetallic1983
Strato SilverMetallic1983Ford Strato SilverV6

Fiesta Mk2 paint codes

Paint colour information for Mk2 Ford Fiestas (1983-1989) divided by year of availability.

1983 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
Cardinal RedSolid1983Ford Cardinal RedR
Ceramic BlueSolid1983Ford Ceramic BlueE
Coral BeigeSolid1983Ford Coral BeigeF3
Diamond WhiteSolid1983Ford Diamond WhiteB
Ocean BlueSolid1983Ford Ocean BlueN
Rio BrownSolid1983Ford Rio BrownJ
Sunburst RedSolid1983Ford Sunburst RedP
Caspian BlueMetallic1983Ford Caspian Blue3
Champagne GoldMetallic1983Ford Champagne Gold0
Glacier BlueMetallic1983Ford Glacier Blue5
Imperial RedMetallic1983Ford Imperial Red2
Jade GreenMetallic1983Ford Jade Green8
Nimbus GreyMetallic1983Ford Nimbus Grey7
Strato SilverMetallic1983Ford Strato SilverV

1984 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1984Ford BlackA4
Cameo BeigeSolid1984Ford Cameo BeigeF4
Cardinal RedSolid1984Ford Cardinal RedR4
Cedar GreenSolid1984Ford Cedar GreenG4
Ceramic BlueSolid1984Ford Ceramic BlueE4
Coral BeigeSolid1984Ford Coral BeigeF4
Diamond WhiteSolid1984Ford Diamond WhiteB4
Lacquer RedSolid1984Ford Lacquer RedL4
Ocean BlueSolid1984Ford Ocean BlueN4
Rio BrownSolid1984Ford Rio BrownJ4
Rosso RedSolid1984Ford Rosso RedR4
Sunburst RedSolid1984Ford Sunburst RedP4
Caspian BlueMetallic1984Ford Caspian Blue34
Champagne GoldMetallic1984Ford Champagne GoldO4
Glacier BlueMetallic1984Ford Glacier Blue54
Imperial RedMetallic1984Ford Imperial Red24
Jade GreenMetallic1984Ford Jade Green84
Mineral BlueMetallic1984Ford Mineral Blue54
Nimbus GreyMetallic1984Ford Nimbus Grey74
Paris BlueMetallic1984Ford Paris Blue34
Quartz GoldMetallic1984Ford Quartz Gold14
Strato SilverMetallic1984Ford Strato SilverV4

1985 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1985Ford BlackA5XSC 632
Cameo BeigeSolid1985Ford Cameo BeigeFXSC 1658A
Cedar GreenSolid1985Ford Cedar GreenG5XSC 1926A
Ceramic BlueSolid1985Ford Ceramic BlueEXSC 1768A
Citrine YellowSolid1985Ford Citrine YellowM5
Diamond WhiteSolid1985Ford Diamond WhiteB5XSC 691
Ivory White Solid1985Ford Ivory White
Lacquer RedSolid1985Ford Lacquer RedLXSC 1932A
Mistral BlueSolid1985
Ocean BlueSolid1985Ford Ocean BlueNXSC 1765A
Rosso RedSolid1985Ford Rosso RedRXSC 1933A
Imperial RedMetallic1985
Jade GreenMetallic1985
Mineral BlueMetallic1985Ford Mineral Blue55XSC 1901C
Nimbus GreyMetallic1985Ford Nimbus Grey7XSC 1801C
Paris BlueMetallic1985Ford Paris Blue35XSC 1900C
Quartz GoldMetallic1985Ford Quartz Gold1XSC 1914C
Regency RedMetallic1985Ford Regency Red4XSC 1803C
Strato SilverMetallic1985Ford Strato SilverVXSC 1056C

1986 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1986Ford Black
Burgundy RedSolid1986Ford Burgundy Red
Citrine YellowSolid1986Ford Citrine YellowM6
Diamond WhiteSolid1986Ford Diamond WhiteB6
Ivory White Solid1986Ford Ivory White H6
Lacquer RedSolid1986Ford Lacquer Red
Maritime BlueSolid1986Ford Maritime Blue
Mistral BlueSolid1986
Ocean BlueSolid1986
Rosso RedSolid1986Ford Rosso Red
ChestnutMetallic1986Ford ChestnutJ6
Mineral BlueMetallic1986
Nimbus GreyMetallic1986Ford Nimbus Grey
Paris BlueMetallic1986Ford Paris Blue35
Quartz GoldMetallic1986Ford Quartz Gold
Regency RedMetallic1986Ford Regency Red
Strato SilverMetallic1986Ford Strato SilverV6

1987 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1987Ford BlackA7
Burgundy RedSolid1987Ford Burgundy RedE7
Citrine YellowSolid1987Ford Citrine Yellow
Diamond WhiteSolid1987Ford Diamond WhiteB3
Galaxy BlueSolid1987Ford Galaxy BlueD7
Ivory White Solid1987Ford Ivory White H7
Maritime BlueSolid1987Ford Maritime BlueF7
Rosso RedSolid1987Ford Rosso RedR5XSC 1933
Azure BlueMetallic1987Ford Azure Blue
Azure Blue/Strato SilverMetallic1987
ChestnutMetallic1987Ford ChestnutJ6/36
Crystal BlueMetallic1987Ford Crystal BlueU7
Mercury GreyMetallic1987Ford Mercury GreyQ7
Regency RedMetallic1987Ford Regency Red44
Silica GoldMetallic1987Ford Silica Gold57
Strato SilverMetallic1987Ford Strato SilverV7
Tropic TurquoiseMetallic1987Ford Tropic Turquoise27
Willow GreenMetallic1987Ford Willow GreenX7/L7XSC2083C

1988 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1988Ford Black
Burgundy RedSolid1988Ford Burgundy RedE7
Diamond WhiteSolid1988Ford Diamond White
Galaxy BlueSolid1988Ford Galaxy Blue
Ivory White Solid1988Ford Ivory White
Maritime BlueSolid1988Ford Maritime BlueF7
Radiant RedSolid1988Ford Radiant Red
Rosso RedSolid1988Ford Rosso Red
Aqua JadeMetallic1988Ford Aqua Jade
Crystal BlueMetallic1988Ford Crystal Blue
MagentaMetallic1988Ford Magenta
Mercury GreyMetallic1988Ford Mercury Grey
Regency RedMetallic1988Ford Regency Red
Rosewood RedMetallic1988
Silica GoldMetallic1988Ford Silica Gold
Strato SilverMetallic1988Ford Strato SilverV8
Tasman BlueMetallic1988Ford Tasman Blue
Willow GreenMetallic1988Ford Willow GreenL9

1989 MK2 Ford Fiesta Paint Colours

Colour NamePaint TypeYear of AvailabilitySampleColour CodeXSC Number
BlackSolid1989Ford BlackA9
Burgundy RedSolid1989Ford Burgundy RedE9
Diamond WhiteSolid1989Ford Diamond WhiteB9
Galaxy BlueSolid1989Ford Galaxy Blue
Ivory White Solid1989Ford Ivory White
Maritime BlueSolid1989Ford Maritime BlueF9
Radiant RedSolid1989Ford Radiant RedP9
Aqua JadeMetallic1989Ford Aqua Jade
Crystal BlueMetallic1989Ford Crystal Blue
MagentaMetallic1989Ford Magenta
Mercury GreyMetallic1989Ford Mercury Grey
Regency RedMetallic1989Ford Regency Red
Rosewood RedMetallic19898
Silica GoldMetallic1989Ford Silica Gold
Silver GreyMetallic1989
Strato SilverMetallic1989Ford Strato Silver
Tasman BlueMetallic1989Ford Tasman Blue

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