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Removing Rubber Side Strips and stickers

The steps in this guide will work for either the rubber side strips featured on the popular plus which have a sticky pad type backing or for vinyl stickers such as the XR2 stripes and decals. The popular plus stripes are a lot more difficult to remove and you usually end up with some sort of blister.

Thanks to the Author of this guide; Jon Dunk

Step 1: Heating.

You MUST do this process first before picking at the sticker to avoid it going really messy. Use a hair dryer to thoroughly heat the sticky label/stripe.
Don't worry too much about the heat, you won't damage your paintwork unless you use a bloody hot-air gun.

Step 2: Peeling:

Slowly pick at the edge of the sticker with a really blunt knife or preferrably your finger nail and attempt to peel it back. Keep applying heat, it needs to be almost too hot to touch. You'll feel the glue go tacky and hot.
Persevere with this until you have removed all the sticker surface. There may be some mank left on the bodywork.

Step 3: Removing the Mank.

rubber side strip
Popular Plus side strip Removal

Use a cloth or duster dabbed in white spirit/lighter fluid/meths etc.. and rub it maddly over the gluey stuff. After a long while the glue will lift off. Patience!
Now you need to wash down the panels to remove any spirit residue.
Once washed you can T-Cut the areas where the sticky was to blend away any discolouration.

Job Done !

If you are doing the above procedure on glass you can use a scratch resistant scourer for step 3 to remove glue deposits.
It works almost instantaneously and removes glue in a flash, much quicker than just rubbing it with a cloth.
NOTE: Don't use any sort of scourer on paintwork as it will dull or scratch it.

Page Last Updated: Thursday 21st of March 2019