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Sought After Parts

Collectable parts that generate a lot of interest amongst enthusiasts. If you come across any of these fitted to cars, cheaply at an autojumble or hiding in a scrap yard its probably worth saving them. All the parts below are either a direct fit to a Mk1 or Mk2 Fiesta or have a long history of being adapted to fit by other Fiesta owners.

Mk2 Fiesta Interior

Boot Tray

Under Floor Boot Tidy Plastic tray

Available as an option on all Mk2 Fiestas, it was sometimes sold as part of a set with a locking boot board to create a secure compartment.

Part Number: 84FB17005AB

FINIS CODES: 6141681

Boot Tray

Mk2 Fiesta dashboard switch holder

Fitted to all high spec Mk2 Fiesta dashboards, these switch holders are quite brittle and the thin areas between the strips break easily. There's a big demand for undamaged ones or even ones with small repairable cracks.

Part Number:


Fiesta Festival Centre Console

Festival Centre Console

Fitted to Mk2 Fiesta Festival II vehicles.

Console Part Number: 87FB B045A 74
Gear Gaitor Part Number: 86AB 7B1182 AA

FINIS CODES : Shadow Grey With Fader Slot: 1647849, With Coin Tray:1647845

Mk2 Exterior

Mk2 Fiesta bumper overriders

Bumper Overriders

These OEM Ford bumper overriders could be fitted to any early lower spec Mk2 which had the metal bumpers fitted (without the later plastic rub strips). The same part number is listed for both front and rear.

Part Number: 84FB 17996 AA

FINIS CODES: 61113107

Mk2 Fiesta bumper overriders

Fiesta Headlamp Protectors

Available as an option on all Mk2 Fiestas, these Ford light protectors now commonly sell for more than the headlights they were designed to protect

Part Number:


Mk2 Electrical

Mk2 Fiesta boot release motor

Boot release motor

Fitted to pre-86 models of Mk2 XR2.

Part Number: 84FB B43102 BB

Parts from other Fords

Mk4 Ford Escort battery cover

Ford Battery Cover

Plastic battery cover as fitted to the Mk4 Ford Escort with Ford logo.

Part Number: 84AB 10A659 AA