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1981 Ford Ghia Shuttler Concept Car

Ford Ghia Shuttler concept vehicle

Designed as a city coupe, the Shuttler concept was based on the Fiesta platform with a shortened wheelbase of just 77 inches and a width of 61 inches. The concept was based around a wedge shaped body design with aerodynamic features such as faired-in door mirrors, recessed door handles and side window glass that fitted flush with its frame.

Ghia Shuttler magazine cover
Alternative Cars Mag Cover 1982

The all metal bodywork had an unusual 5x4 grid of holes stamped into the bonnet and air vents placed in the rear quarters, designed to visually connect the tail lamps with the cars side accent stripe. It came equipped with a fuel conscious carb fed 1.3 litre Valencia engine (part of the Kent family of Ford engines) and featured just two seats. The Shuttler was finished in Metallic anthracite paint with orange accent and a grey/brown cloth interior, also with orange accent. The interior featured instruments and (dummy) switches arranged in a cluster of four circular bezels on the steering column. A small console between the seats houses power window switches, a cigarette lighter and small armrest.

The Shuttler was fitted with 155/70 R13 Pirelli P4 tires mounted on steel wheels with Fiesta plastic wheel trims. Other noticeable Fiesta features include the seat angle adjuster and pedals.

Just one physical vehicle was produced, held as part of the Ghia collection until 2001, and loaned out to the French National Automobile Museum between 1983 and 1986. On the 16th June 2002 it was sold off at a Christie’s auction by the Ford Development Centre for $11,163, (curiously the auction catalogue listed the car as a 1986 model) , it was then held as part of the RM collection until 2005 at which point it was sold into a private collection where it remains to this day.

Ghia Shuttler Image Gallery

Photos of the Shuttler concept vehicle. If you can contribute any more images to this gallery then we would be delighted to hear from you, email info@projectbobcat.com to get in touch.

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