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Dealer Radio Commercial Scripts

This radio advert script was provided to dealers as part of the info pack to aid selling of the Mk1 Fiesta, presumably to prepare them in case customers had queries about any of the information they had heard in the two ads.

Title: Safety (30 second Advert)

Announcer: Hello, I'm down at Banks Motors, Anytown, finding out about some of the advanced safety features on the new Ford Fiesta.

It has a diagonally linked dual circuit brake system and negative scrub steering geometry.

2nd Voice: Yes, what this means, Jim, is that even if one brake circuit should fail you still have breaking at both ends of the car.

And negative scrub steering helps you stop in a straight line. Its a very advanced system.

Announcer: Why not come down and see Ford's advanced new baby for yourself, at Banks Motors Anytown.

Title: Handling (60 second Advert)

Announcer: Well, the arrival of the new Ford Fiesta has certainly caused quite a stir at Banks Motors, Anytown. has anyone here actually driven it yet?

Man: I have. A very safe handling little car, great fun.

Announcer: What did you like about it most?

Man: Well it had a very brisk acceleration, and the roadholding was as good as anything I've ever driven. Really in the sports car class.

Announcer: It's got dual circuit brakes I believe.

Man: Yes, well you know what it's like when you try to stop on a slippery road surface. A car will normally try and swerve a little one way or the other. Negative scrub steering counteracts that tendency, gives you a terrific sense of control.

Announcer: Thank you for talking to us sir. The Fiesta certainly sounds like an advanced baby. Why not come down and see if your yourself at Banks Motors Anytown.