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Vehicle Details for Mark 1 Ford Fiesta BFJ6 **Y

The vehicle information for this Fiesta was kindly contributed by David Matthews.

Original Vehicle Spec

Registration BFJ6 **Y
Vehicle Type Cabriolet
Vehicle Builder F.English
Mark 1
Model L
Fuel Petrol
Engine Size 1.1
Gearbox Type 4spd Manual
Year 1982
Country of registration Mainland UK
Place of registration Exeter
Colour Diamond White
Current Status Unknown

Additional Information

Below: From 2001 extensive modification using a Panique Fibre Glass Body kit, altered the to where the car it is today. Here is the spec as advertised on Ebay August 2012:- This car started life as a genuine Crayford convertible mk1 fiesta, Built in September 1982 at F. English - with the Blue/Chrome Crayford Badge - purchased with the intention of restoring it back to original but, after removing the rusty wings, rear arches and roof something changed! the wheels come from a previous project that didn't happen and measure 8x15 front and 10x15 rear, the body kit is a Panique wide arch kit (which the seller owns the original moulds ) but even this could not accommodate the enormous wheels, so it was stretched a further 2" on the front and 4" at the rear then of course the bumpers/sideskirts had to all be extended and blended to match. The panels were all strengthened where needed and also had extra layers of fibreglass added on their construction so the kit is all solid and not prone to cracking. Then it was decided to ditch the old torn roof, in favour of a lift-off Carson top style roof. A suitable donor roof was found, sliced off and fabricated to fit. there are also loads of subtle changes, Corsa sport wing mirrors mk2 rear lights (built in reversing light) and smoothed front grill ect. The whole thing was then painted in Mercedes brilliant silver.