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Vehicle Details for Mark 2 Ford Fiesta RÜD -S** 8

The vehicle information for this Fiesta was kindly contributed by David Matthews.

Original Vehicle Spec

Registration RÜD -S** 8
Vehicle Type Convertible
Vehicle Builder F.English
Mark 2
Fuel Petrol
Engine Size 1.1
Gearbox Type 4spd Manual
Year 1984
Country of registration Germany
Place of registration
Colour Red
Current Status Unknown

Here is the 4th MK2 F. English Fiesta Fly 1.1 (Only known L.H drive version) in Germany recently on German E-Bay. The badge to the right says "Freedom to live" loosely translated I have to say.

Additional Information

Below: This is the German registration V5 equivalent which clearly shows the car is a F. English built MK2 one of only 4 we know of and the only LHD F. EnglIsh Built MK 2.