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Vehicle Details for Mark 2 Ford Fiesta ST-7 3**G

The vehicle information for this Fiesta was kindly contributed by David Matthews.

Original Vehicle Spec

Registration ST-7 3**G
Vehicle Type Convertible
Vehicle Builder AGM Flirt Holland
Mark 2
Model C
Fuel Petrol
Engine Size 1.1
Gearbox Type 4spd Manual
Year 1988
Country of registration Netherlands
Place of registration
Colour Green
Current Status Unknown

A little from the owner (2013):
I have had the car for 3 weeks now (July 2013) and the condition is good only what you can expect with a car from 25 years old. There is only some surface rust (see the picture's) and the car is also on your site with registration ST-73-TG. Only the fabric is completely gone, and I am missing some rubbers, and the hole with pipe where the rear window is fitted in and some work on the wheel arch left side back. Further it has run 54.000 km, and as I aspect it was stored in a garage. The last year it wasn't stored I thing.

Additional Information