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Ford Fiesta CTX Automatic Gearbox

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In 1987, Ford introduced it's new CTX transmission, an automatic gearbox featuring continously variable drive, giving a range of ratios that roughly matched that of a 5-speed 'box. This option was perfectly suited to Fords 1117cc engine, and was offered as an option on later MkII 1117cc engines, initally on L and Ghia models only. The Festival II special edition, released in 1988 added to this 'exclusive' list by having the Auto as an option. We believe that this is the only factory special edition to have the automatic gearbox choice.

Mk2 Fiesta Selector Lever in a 1988 L model

Nowadays models with the CTX gearbox are not very common, although advanced at the time, the transmission isnt very refined by modern standards, and the cars are not as desirable as a result. Many of the cars have now been converted to manual (including our very own L Auto model) using spares from the more plentiful manual models.

We currently have 77 automatic cars listed on the Fiesta register, although the number is likely to be quite a bit higher as transmission is not often recorded by those submitting cars. Please see the bottom of this page for known vehicles.


The CTX gearbox has a capacity of 3.5 litres, and the manufacturer specified oil is Ford Automatic Transmission Fluid or transmission fluid meeting Ford Specification ESM-M2C 166-H. Idling speed should be 850 rev.min (+ or - 50). The automatic transmission inhibitor switched circuit uses relay position 11, located on the rear of the fusebox.

CTX Selector Lever Positions

Position Function
P Park
R Reverse
N Neutral
D Drive - continuously variable
L Low - engine braking

Note: the gearbox features a starter inhibitor switch, and can only be started in the R, D or L positions.

Automatic gearbox selector positions explained

R Reverse
This selector lever position is only to be selected when the vehicle is stationary. Nevertheless, the transmission has a reverse inhibitor valave. If reverse is unintentionally selected whilst driving forwards, this valve prevents the reverse clutch being engaged above a vehicle speed of 10km/h.

N Neutral
In this selector lever position, the engine can be started and allowed to idle. No power is transmitted.

D Drive - continuously variable
This selector lever position is selected for normal driving. The transmission ratio changes automatically without steps to meet requirements. Whilst driving, the selector lever can be shifted between D and L.

L Low - engine braking
This selector position is used for descents, long inclines and widning mountain roads. On descents, the braking effect of the engine takes effect.

Top speed can be reached with the selector either in the D or in the L position.

Kick-down If from steady speed the accelerator pedal is fully pressed down, a kick-down occurs, i.e., the optimum transmission ratio for acceleration at the given vehicle speed is obtained.

Before the selector lever is shifted to position R, D or L when the vehicle is stationary, operate the hand brake or foot brake. Put the selector lever in the N position when the vehicle is towed. Towing speed must not exceed 50km.h and the towing distance must not be more than 50km.

Mk2 Fiesta CTX Fuel Consumption Figures

Please Note: All fuel economy figures are in MPG (Miles per gallon).

Engine/Gearbox Fuel Constant 56mph Constant 75mph Simulated Urban
1.1 litre (OHV)Automatic Unleaded 58.9 40.9 39.2

CTX Gearbox Technical Details

CTX Transmission Schematic View

Ford ctx automatic transmission diagram
  1. CTX Transmission
  2. Shift Lever
  3. Selector lever cable
  4. Selector lever
  5. Throttle valve cable
  6. Lever
  7. Accelerator pedal cable
  8. Accelerator pedal
  9. Carburetor cable
  10. Carburetor

CTX Handbooks, Brochures and Technical Documents

Known UK Fiesta Automatic Vehicles

We currently have 77 Mk2 Ford Fiesta Automatic transmission cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
35V0 **9Unknown1.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
88-W X-1* *7L19881.1AutoPetrolChestnutUnknownNo
D222 **PL19871.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownNo
D737 **CL19871.1AutoPetrolRosso RedScrappedNo
E129 **TFestival 19881.1AutoPetrolAzure BlueUnknownNo
E150 **XGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRed On the RoadNo
E203 **VL19871.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownNo
E205 **KGhiaUnknown1.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownNo
E276 **JL19881.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenUnknownNo
E316 **TGhia19871.1AutoPetrolRedOn the RoadNo
E366 **AL19871.1AutoPetrolRosso RedUnknownNo
E403 **KL19881.1AutoPetrolIvory WhiteUnknownNo
E444 **CFestival19871.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownNo
E446 **FGhia19881.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadNo
E454 **JGhia19871.1AutoPetrolBlackOn the RoadNo
E455 **XGhia19781.1AutoPetrolGoldOn the RoadNo
E478 **NL19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
E503 **OGhia19881.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteOff the RoadNo
E515 **RL19881.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownNo
E551 **LGhia19871.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
E564 **XL19871.1AutoPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadNo
E577 **DGhia19871.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownNo
E578 **GL19881.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownNo
E586 **KL19871.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
E614 **AL19871.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownNo
E614 **TGhia19871.1AutoPetrolSilica GoldUnknownNo
E628 **EGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadNo
E730 **HGhia19881.1AutoPetrolCrystal BlueUnknownNo
E732 **JL19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
E73* *NGhia19871.1AutoPetrolGoldUnknownNo
E75* *NL19871.1AutoPetrolCrystal BlueUnknownNo
E767 **UGhia19881.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenUnknownNo
E776 **BL19871.1AutoPetrolGalaxy BlueOn the RoadNo
E806 **VGhia19881.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenUnknownNo
E850 **RGhia19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
E855 **JGhia19871.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadNo
E880 **EL19881.1AutoPetrolMaroonOff the RoadNo
E925 **LGhia19871.1AutoPetrolBlackUnknownNo
E938 **PL19861.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadNo
E941 **OL19881.1AutoPetrolOn the RoadNo
E973 **XL19881.1AutoPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadNo
E98* *CGhia19871.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenOn the RoadNo
F133 **EL19891.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownNo
F188 **XL19891.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteOn the RoadNo
F199 **SLUnknown1.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
F217 **AFestival II19881.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownNo
F261 **HL19891.1AutoPetrolGalaxy BlueOff the RoadNo
F281 **CFestival II19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
F304 **PL19891.1AutoPetrolBlueUnknownNo
F339 **UL19881.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadNo
F37* *TL19881.1AutoPetrolMaritime BlueUnknownNo
F387 **PL19891.1AutoPetrolRadiant RedUnknownNo
F410 **JL19891.1AutoPetrolRadiant RedOn the RoadNo
F411 **FL19881.1AutoPetrolRedUnknownNo
F513 **UL19891.1AutoPetrolMaritime BlueOn the RoadNo
F513 **YLUnknown1.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
F52* *HL19881.1AutoPetrolChestnutUnknownNo
F545 **WL19891.1AutoPetrolBlackOn the RoadNo
F555 **TGhia19881.1AutoPetrolBlackOn the RoadNo
F573 **ML19891.1AutoPetrolRadiant RedUnknownNo
F581 **EL19881.0AutoPetrolRadiant RedOn the RoadNo
F643 **PL19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
F696 **WFestival II19891.1AutoPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadNo
F69* *SL19881.1AutoPetrolGoldUnknownNo
F701 **XL19891.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadNo
F808 **CL19891.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteOff the RoadNo
F812 **YGhia19891.1AutoPetrolSilica GoldUnknownNo
F819 **JGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRegency RedUnknownNo
F833 **DL19891.1AutoPetrolRadiant RedUnknownNo
F847 **XGhiaUnknown1.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownNo
F890 **NFestival II19881.1AutoPetrolBlackOff the RoadNo
F898 **JL19891.1AutoPetrolMaritime BlueUnknownNo
F974 **PFestival II19881.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownNo
F978 **BL19891.1AutoPetrolUnknownNo
F999 **JL19891.1AutoPetrolMaritime BlueOn the RoadNo
ST-5 9**L CL19881.1AutoPetrolMercury GreyUnknownNo
XD-0 7**Z CL19891.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownNo

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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