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Ford Mondeo Mk1 DESK ECU Pin Out

When doing any engine conversion it is helpful to have a pin out for the ecu that you're using. Our Zetec converted Mk2 Fiesta uses a Mk1 mondeo non-PATS loom and a ECU with code 'DESK', please see the Mondeo ECU code guide for more info on the different codes. This list should apply to any non-PATS 16 valve petrol Mk1 Mondeo and was noted down as we did the conversion but as always we cant guarantee that we didnt make any mistakes, if in doubt consult a qualified auto-electrician.

If you can add to the info displayed please email the webmaster at info@projectbobcat.com

Ford Mondeo ECU connector illustration

ford mondeo ecu connector

Mondeo ECU Pin Out Table

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Pin Number Function Colour Required?
1 Battery Orange/Yellow YES
2 Purple NO
3 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) White/Purple YES
4 Rev Counter White/Black YES
5 Purple/White NO
6 Not Used NO
7 Coolant Temp Sensor (ECT) White/Green YES
8 Fuel Pump Relay (Pin 87) Purple/Black YES
9 Air Mass Meter (MAF) Brown/Blue YES
10 Violet/Blue NO
11 Emission Canister Purge Black/Orange NO
12 Not Used NO
13 Engine Coolant Fan Relay Black/Blue NO
14 Pulsed Secondary Air Injection Black/Blue NO
15 Not Used NO
16 Ignition Current Return Black/Brown YES
17 Data Link Black/Green NO
18 Engine Diagnostic Connector White/Blue NO
19 Engine Diagnostic Connector Brown/Blue NO
20 Current Return Black/Red YES
21 Idle Speed Control Valve (ISCV) Black/Yellow YES
22 Fuel Pump Relay (Pin 85) Black/Blue YES
23 Not Used NO
24 Camshaft Position Sesnor White/Purple YES
25 Intake Air Temp Sensor White/Purple YES
26 Throttle Potentiometer (TPS) Yellow YES
27 EGR White/Blue NO
28 Power Steering White NO
29 White/Black NO
30 White/Green NO
31 Engine Coolant Fan Relay Black/White NO
32 Not Used NO
33 EGR Black NO
34 Trip Computer White NO
35 Fuel Injector 4 Black/Orange YES
36 White/Purple NO
37 Power Supply Relay (Pin 87) Green/Yellow YES
38 Black/Red NO
39 Fuel Injector 3 Black/Blue YES
40 Current Return (To Oxygen Eventually!) Black/Yellow YES
41 Self Test Connector White/Black NO
42 Octane Coding Plug White/Black YES
43 Not Used NO
44 HEGO (Lambda Sensor) White YES
45 Not Used NO
46 Oxygen Sensor Brown YES
47 Throttle Potentiometer (TPS) White YES
48 Data Link White/Green NO
49 White/Red NO
50 Air Mass Meter (MAF) White/Blue YES
51 Fuel Injector 1 Black/White YES
52 Fuel Injector 2 Black/Yellow YES
53 Black/White NO
54 Black/Yellow NO
55 Crank Position Sensor Brown/Red YES
56 Crank Position Sensor White/Red YES
57 Power Supply Relay (Pin 87) Green/Yellow YES
58 Ignition Coil 1&4 Brown/Blue YES
59 Ignition Coil 2&3 Brown/Green YES
60 Current Return Black/Yellow YES

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