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The Mark 2 Fiesta Fly becomes the AGM Flirt

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AGM Ford Fiesta Mk2 Fly

The Mk2 version of the Fiesta Fly cabriolet was initially manufactured in the UK by F.English. After completing only a handful of cars (4 known vehicles), they sold the license to AGM Kinesis Ford in Delft, Holland. AGM went on to produce many soft top Fiesta conversions in both the Netherlands and Germany, initially sold as the Fiesta Fly.

By 1984 AGM Kinesis b.v Ford dealers in Delft, Holland, had modified the Fly design to create the (AGM) Flirt. As part of this, the Fiesta Cabriolet was given an opening boot as can be seen in the literature and the other key distinguishing feature of a new hood arrangement. By all accounts this was available at least up to 1988 on the MK2 Fiesta and it's possible that conversions to previously registered cars were completed as late as 1990.

The Flirt model was a determined push by Kinesis to bring Fiesta Cabrio motoring to Europe, and the current MD at Ardeaauto in Delft, Holland (the main Head Office incorporating Kinesis) advises that the cars were made for approximately 10 years from 1984 onwards. We are grateful for the photos from the company’s records.

AGM Ford Fiesta Mk2 Flirt Brochure AGM Ford Fiesta Mk2 Flirt in a Ford dealers showroom

AGM Fiesta Fly Press release brochure

Below is a translation of a 3 page Ford dealership brochure for the AGM Mk2 Fly, kindly translated by Dick Hoekendijk


Due to it's styling, shape and defined appearance, the Fiesta became one of the most popular cars in Europe, its front wheel drive and track width make sure it has perfect road holding. Smooth suspension takes the Fiesta over every kind of road surface. Easy manoeuvring, deals with city traffic and fits in the smallest parking space.

There is a wide range of engines. This makes it possible to find the right balance between power and economy, without losing sight of performance.

Now the Fiesta has a facelift in the form of the MK2 version. Even more aerodynamic, more eye appealing, and more economical, with a new interior, and dashboard. Every control is in easy reach and now you can test and see the new Fiesta Fly version.

Central is the value for money, with many extras included, with perfect style and very good performance. The value for money from the Fiesta Fly is almost unbelievable. You will be impressed by the simple yet sophisticated shape and new interior, but it remains a real Fiesta. The new Fiesta Fly is fast and highly manoeuvrable. If you ever thought that a stylish, nice and perfect built car was not

Affordable for you – then have a look at the new Fiesta Fly.

Download as a PDF (2.05MB) Filename: AGM-Fly-Brochure-Dutch.pdf

AGM Fiesta Flirt Sales Leaflet

Below is a translation of the wording from the Dutch sales leaflet:

AGM Ford Fiesta Mk2 Flirt

Cabriolet, originally, is a French word, meaning an open and light carriage. It was equipped with a roof that could be folded down. It was a very popular small coach. It offered weather protection as well as being able to drive out in open air. These carriages were custom made by the coach builders of the time.

Nowadays, these wishes can be carried out the same way too. The basics are on the one hand; a quality product of one of the biggest car manufacturers; craftsmanship on the other hand. Because of that you may get acquainted with a new cabriolet.

Under your orders we are able to convert your Ford Fiesta according to approved plans and methods.

Are you the owner of a Ford Fiesta yet, you can buy one at any Official Ford dealer.

Concerning technical specifications you, as customer, obviously have the choice. Starting point is the petrol 1.0 liter version with four gears. For those who appreciate more power, there’s a 1.1 liter, in addition a petrol 1.4 litr 5 gears or a 1.6 liter 5 gears engine.

Are you inclined to choose for extra economy, then there is the 1.6 diesel 5 gears version, with a consumption of 3.8 liter per 100 kilometers. For specs: have a look at the rear of this leaflet.

Any Fiesta, starting from 1984, may - without structural damage - be converted. The result is the Flirt. A luxurious convertible with its perfect road holding. Be it in the city, with easy parking because of its moderate dimensions or on the motorways, and country roads.

By creating the Flirt one thing matters: value for money.

Thanks to reinforcements the Flirt has a rigid body and a low point of gravity. You will immediately observe this in the positive road holding in relation to the original product. Also you will observe the perfect finish and the harmonious profile, as well, with or without the hood up.

It has a durable finish and is a stylish car. Its design may be underlined by distinct striping to order.

As you can see A Flirt may become Your Flirt.

Variable options according to your wishes and taste. Made by professionals who hold quality in high regard.

The Flirt is totally your car. The Flirt is pure driving pleasure. A cabriolet with new dimensions and style. A feast for the eyes, a delight to drive. Convince yourself. A test drive can be arranged at any time.

Download as a PDF (1.2MB) Filename: AGM-Flirt-Brochure-Dutch.pdf

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