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Ford Fiesta Mk1 Bravo (1981)

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The Bravo was a limited edition model released in June 1981 with 3000 cars produced. Based on the L model, this Fiesta was embelished with some finishing touches to boost sales appeal. The Fiesta Bravo boasted extra luxuries such as a passenger side sunvisor vanity mirror, rear ceiling grab handles and a whole load of exterior bright work including shiny door handles, locks and wing mirrors (*passenger side optional extra).

Fiesta Bravo Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

The Fiesta Bravo was available in one of two colour options, either graphite grey metallic over strato silver with grey trim and a red stripe, or alternatively cobalt blue metallic over strato silver with blue trim and a dark red stripe.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample

Known UK Fiesta Bravo Vehicles

We currently have 24 Mk1 Ford Fiesta Bravo cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
880* *BBravo19811.04spd ManualPetrolCharcoal Gray On the RoadYES
BEJ3 **XBravo19821.34spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownYES
BMA2 **WBravo19811.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
CFM3 **XBravo19814spd ManualPetrolCobalt Blue And Strato SilverUnknownYES
CGC6 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverOff the RoadYES
FAB7 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
HK-9 6**H Bravo19821.14spd ManualPetrolNova GreenUnknownNo
LVX9 **WBravo19804spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
MCK5 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverUnknownYES
RGY4 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverUnknownYES
RRU2 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolColbalt Blue/Strato SilverOff the RoadNo
RSO2 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolCobalt Blue/Strato SilverUnknownYES
SKM* *XBravo19811.3PetrolGreyOff the RoadYES
SNC5 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
TAC1 **WBravo19811.14spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverUnknownNo
TJU5 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolCobalt Blue/Strato SilverOn the RoadYES
TPV* *XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
UAH* *WBravoUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverUnknownYES
UHH3 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolCobalt Blue/strato SilverOn the RoadYES
UYG6 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolGraphite Grey/Strato SilverUnknownYES
VAC8 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolUnknownNo
VWX7 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolCobalt Blue / Strato SilverOff the RoadNo
WBH2 **XBravo19811.34spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
WDG4 **XBravo19821.14spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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