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Ford Fiesta Mk1 Bravo II (1982)

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Ford Fiesta Bravo II

The Mk1 Fiesta Bravo II was a special edition model released in 1982, following on from the success of the Bravo model released in the previous year. The Bravo II was based on the L model and tweaked by Ford's special projects engineers to give a more appealing package. This Limited run Fiesta was available with the same 3 engine choices as it's 'L' base, either 950cc, 1100cc or 1300cc.

The exterior of the car was offered in three different two-tone options and finished with twin bodyside tape stripes. Unlike the earlier Bravo, the II had no mention of it's name on the sides, a quick way to tell the two similar models apart.

Fiesta Bravo II Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample
Cardinal Red/Strato SilverSolid/Metallic1981Ford Cardinal Red/Strato Silver
Crystal Green/Strato SilverMetallic/Metallic1981Ford Crystal Green/Strato Silver
Titan Blue/Strato SilverMetallic/Metallic1981N1Ford Titan Blue/Strato Silver

Known UK Fiesta Bravo II Vehicles

We currently have 45 Mk1 Ford Fiesta Bravo II cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
A221 **XBravo II19841.04spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
BEX7 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolMulti-colourUnknownView >
BKP5 **YBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
CPP6 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
CUG6 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolRegency RedOff the RoadView >
CWC5 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
CYD6 **XBravo II19824spd ManualPetrolCrystal Green/Strato SilverOff the RoadView >
DBH3 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolGreen/silver UnknownView >
DHK1 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlackUnknownView >
DJN9 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolWhiteUnknownView >
DNK8 **YBravo IIUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
DT** XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
DVW9 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
EAT9 **YBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
EEV2 **YBravo II19821.04spd ManualPetrolTitan Blue/Strato SilverUnknownView >
EOO6 **YBravo IIUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
EUR8 **YBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownView >
EVV9 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolTitan Blue/Strato SilverUnknownView >
FFW4 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownView >
GDY4 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal Green/Strato SilverOn the RoadView >
HEX5 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolGreen Over SilverOn the RoadView >
HVV4 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolTitan Blue/Strato SilverUnknownView >
JYA7 **YBravo II19831.34spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownView >
KAE4 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverOn the RoadView >
KDE9 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownView >
LHY8 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolTitan Blue/Strato SilverOn the RoadView >
NUY6 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolTitan Blue/Strato SilverOn the RoadView >
NYW6 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal Green/Strato SilverScrappedView >
OEC* *YBravo II19821.34spd ManualTitan Blue/Strato SilverUnknownView >
OOB5 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownView >
PAM1 **YBravo II19821.04spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
PWG5 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
RSD6 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal Green/Strato SilverUnknownView >
SCF5 **YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownView >
SCW8 **XBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadView >
SHL* *YBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
TRB8 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
TRT7 **XBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolTasman BlueOff the RoadView >
UPB7 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverUnknownView >
VEW2 **XBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
VVO* *YBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownView >
WJO4 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal Red/Strato SilverOff the RoadView >
WJU3 **XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolCrystal Green/ Strato Silver Off the RoadView >
WPR6 **XBravo II19821.34spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
XDB* *XBravo II19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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