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Mk1 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus (1981-83) Model Info

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The Ford Fiesta Popular Plus was first introduced in March 1981, along with it's lesser specced Popular sister car and sporty Supersport models. The Popular Plus was second from bottom in the spec list, and the cheapest car to be available with the 1100cc engine as an option. It featured luxuries such as a rear tailgate washer jet and wiper, a rear package tray, a centre console with clock and fabric trim, all features over and above the straight Popular version.

Fiesta Popular Plus Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample
Atlantic BlueSolid1982L2Ford Atlantic BlueVinylGrey or Blue
BlackSolid1982A2Ford BlackVinylGrey or Blue
Cardinal RedSolid1982R2Ford Cardinal RedVinylGrey or Tan
Caribbean BlueSolid1982J2Ford Caribbean BlueVinylGrey or Blue
Cordoba BeigeSolid1982F2Ford Cordoba BeigeVinylTan
Diamond WhiteSolid1982B2Ford Diamond WhiteVinylGrey or Blue
Dove GreySolid1982C2Ford Dove GreyVinylGrey or Tan
Jasmine YellowSolid1982K2Ford Jasmine YellowVinylGrey or Tan
Sienna BrownSolid1982D2Ford Sienna BrownVinylTan
Sunburst RedSolid1982P2Ford Sunburst RedVinylGrey or Tan
Celtic BronzeMetallic198272Ford Celtic BronzeVinylGrey or Tan
Champagne GoldMetallic198252Ford Champagne GoldVinylGrey or Tan
Crystal GreenMetallic198262Ford Crystal GreenVinylGrey
Forest GreenMetallic198242Ford Forest GreenVinylGrey or Tan
Graphite GreyMetallic198292Ford Graphite GreyVinylGrey or Tan
Strato SilverMetallic1982V2Ford Strato SilverVinylGrey or Blue
Titan BlueMetallic198232Ford Titan BlueVinylGrey or Blue
Venus GoldMetallic198212Ford Venus GoldVinylGrey or Tan
Walnut BrownMetallic198282Ford Walnut BrownVinylTan

Brochure Image

Mk1 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus brochure

Known UK Fiesta Popular Plus Vehicles

We currently have 106 Mk1 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
A190 **CPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOn the RoadNo
A284 **SPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownYES
A290 **FPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownYES
A324 **PPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES
A454 **VPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolDove Grey On the RoadNo
A458 **KPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolCoral BeigeUnknownYES
A703 **GPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
A77* *FPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolScrappedYES
A860 **MPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadYES
A992 **CPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolCardinal RedOff the RoadYES
AAR3 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownNo
ACW9 **YPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolYellowUnknownYES
AGN5 **WPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolTerracottaUnknownYES
AHG2 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES
AJC5 **WPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolForest GreenUnknownNo
AL7* *YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES
ALF7 **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadYES
ANA8 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolRedOn the RoadYES
APG6 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolCoral BiegeOn the RoadYES
APU9 **XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownNo
ATT1 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
BDS3 **XPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
BPP9 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
BRU7 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedUnknownYES
C816 **GPopular Plus19861.14spd ManualPetrolCeramic BlueUnknownYES
CNG5 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal RedOn the RoadYES
CRU4 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedOn the RoadYES
D367 **RPopular Plus19861.04spd ManualPetrolCeramic BlueUnknownYES
DKL2 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolWalnut BrownUnknownYES
DTM3 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolAtlantic BlueOff the RoadYES
DVU8 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolSand BeigeOn the RoadNo
DVW4 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBaby BlueOff the RoadYES
E00A **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownNo
EDB3 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
EDM7 **XPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
EKO6 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
ELO7 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolBronzeUnknownYES
EMB2 **XPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolBrownOff the RoadYES
EOO8 **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadNo
EWD6 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolForest GreenOff the RoadYES
EWS9 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolBronzeOff the RoadNo
FHT5 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
FUY* *XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
FYD3 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal RedOn the RoadNo
GVK4 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolCeltic BronzeUnknownYES
HFJ4 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolCoral BeigeOn the RoadYES
HSR3 **XPopular Plus19814spd ManualPetrolPrarie YellowUnknownNo
HVX1 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
JDO8 **WPopular Plus19814spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
JYA7 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolPine GreenUnknownYES
JYU7 **WPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedUnknownYES
KCW2 **WPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolTibetan GoldUnknownYES
KD** YPopular Plus19834spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
KGO5 **YPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
KMG3 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolChestnut BrownUnknownYES
KPU6 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
KSR2 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownYES
KSX* *XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolSilverUnknownYES
LFL4 **WPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
MGE4 **YPopular Plus19834spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownNo
MGF2 **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolTerracottaUnknownYES
MOT5 **YPopular Plus19834spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownYES
NGO5 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeOff the RoadNo
NKG9 **XPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES
NTH5 **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownYES
OCU* *XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
OFP3 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolMidnight BlueScrappedNo
OSL7 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadYES
PCS5 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolSienna BrownUnknownYES
PFM* *YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
PMX1 **XPopular Plus19814spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
RCN* *YPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
RFL7 **XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolCaribbean BlueOn the RoadYES
RFX7 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadNo
RPA2 **XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolSolar GoldUnknownYES
RYJ4 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBlueOff the RoadNo
SAV7 **XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownYES
SEP9 **YPopular PlusUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
SGY4 **XPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
SKP8 **XPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadYES
SOB2 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolGreyUnknownYES
TDX3 **WPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedUnknownYES
TKV5 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
TMH3 **YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolSunburst Red UnknownNo
TPL3 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
UAR7 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBaltic Blue On the RoadYES
UM** XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolAtlantic Blue Off the RoadYES
UNO7 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolMeadow GreenUnknownYES
UPA6 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
VAR3 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownYES
VBB* *YPopular Plus19831.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
VVW5 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
WBW7 **XPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolSienna BrownUnknownYES
WDP2 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
WGV6 **XPopular Plus198214spd ManualPetrolCaribbean BlueUnknownYES
WRT4 **XPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolBrownUnknownYES
WWU4 **XPopular PlusUnknown1.14spd ManualPetrolTerracotta UnknownNo
XBD8 **WPopular Plus19811.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadYES
XJF3 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolCordoba BeigeOff the RoadYES
XKJ8 **XPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownNo
XPL8 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
XPU2 **XPopular Plus19811.14spd ManualPetrolTerracottaOn the RoadYES
XWV4 **YPopular Plus19831.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
YAW5 **YPopular Plus19821.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
YCK4 **YPopular Plus19821.04spd ManualPetrolSignal Orange UnknownYES
YYC7 **XPopular PlusUnknown4spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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