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Ford Fiesta Mk2 Dash (1985)

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Ford Fiesta Dash

The Fiesta Dash was the first special edition version of the Mk2 to be released, launched in June 1985, a total of 8600 vehicles were produced of which only a handful of cars are known to remain.

The model was developed as a special promotion, linking the car with 'Dash', a popular leisure clothes manufacturer at the time. The advertising campaign was chiefly targeted at the female market, with adverts appearing is fashion magazines with the slogan 'The Fiesta Dash, park it in your wardrobe'.

It featured tape stripes that matched the clothing company's Spring 1985 collection. The model was fairly luxurious in comparison to other base models with full height door cards with cloth inserts, a fleece carpet and a centre console. The seats and doorcards had a unique, square pattern cloth insert which was only featured on this model.Externally, in addition to the wide side stripes, all cars featured a dash bootlid sticker and 5x13" steel wheels covered with tri-coated white wheeltrims, similar to those fitted to the Escort and Sierra models.

Below is a double spread advert promoting the Dash alongside the Spring clothing range from Dash Leisurewear.As part of this campaign, entry forms were available at Ford dealerships and dash lesisurewear shops, giving the entrant a chance to win a Fiesta Dash car and Dash Leisurewear outfit plus some runners-up prizes.

Ford Fiesta Dash print advert from 1985

Two examples of the dash leisurewear brands products are shown below, sporting the same logo. The Dash fashion retailer was started in 1982, and ran a series of high street shops across the UK.

1985 Dash Leisurewear

Interesting Fact

Ford again collaborated with the dash lesisurewear brand with the Mk5 Escort Cabriolet special edition, featuring the same brand font decals as displayed on the Fiesta.

Limited edition ford escort dash cabriolet

Fiesta Dash Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

The Dash was available in six colour options; owners could choose from Diamond White or Rosso Red as standard solid colours, plus Black at an extra cost. Alternatively Metallic choices of Strato Silver, Nimbus Grey or Paris Blue were available.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample
BlackSolid1985A5Ford Black
Diamond WhiteSolid1985B5Ford Diamond White
Rosso RedSolid1985RFord Rosso Red
Nimbus GreyMetallic19857Ford Nimbus Grey
Paris BlueMetallic198535Ford Paris Blue
Strato SilverMetallic1985VFord Strato Silver

Known UK Fiesta Dash Vehicles

We currently have 21 Mk2 Ford Fiesta Dash cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
B103 **SDash19851.04spd ManualPetrolParis BlueOff the RoadView >
B170 **JDash19851.04spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B189 **JDash19851.04spd ManualPetrolRosso RedUnknownView >
B195 **DDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOff the RoadView >
B269 **FDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolNimbus GreyScrappedView >
B309 **JDash19851.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B335 **YDash19851.04spd ManualPetrolRosso RedUnknownView >
B427 **LDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolParis BlueUnknownView >
B579 **LDash1985PetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
B620 **VDash19851.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B641 **CDashUnknown1.1Rosso RedScrappedView >
B839 **YDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
B986 **WDash1985PetrolBlackUnknownView >
B987 **EDash19861.04spd ManualPetrolBlackScrappedView >
C157 **SDash19861.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
C422 **MDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolNimbus GreyUnknownView >
C659 **UDash19851.04spd ManualPetrolRosso RedUnknownView >
C67* *VDash19851.14spd ManualPetrolParis BlueUnknownView >
C899 **ADash19851.14spd ManualPetrolRosso RedUnknownView >
C908 **MDash19871.1PetrolUnknownView >
C908 **ADash19851.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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