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Zetec Conversion Wiring

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Mk2 Fiesta/Mk1 Mondeo Wiring Diagram

If you are wiring a Zetec into a Mk2 Fiesta and plan to use the standard fuel injection setup, then this diagram is for you. Sticking with the standard EFI setup is a popular choice due to simplicity of the conversion, and reliability of the converted car due to retaining a tried and tested package that Ford have spent a fortune developing and fine tuning. The diagram below shows which wires from the pre-pats Mondeo Mk1 loom should be connected up to the Fiesta loom to get it running. In our case we are using a 2-litre engine with a DEEP coded ecu.

A full pin-out diagram for the Mondeo ECU can be found on the Zetec ECU pin out chart page or alternatively, if you're struggling with finding a suitable ecu to use, a list of relevant Mondeo ECU codes is listed here.

Click the diagram below to view the large version. The coloured circles represent the colours of the wires in the looms.

Zetec wiring diagram