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Mk2 Fiesta Audio Wiring Guide

Ford divided the audio wiring loom into two parts, a power loom and seperate speaker wire loom. To upgrade the original paper coned speakers in the Mk2, it's best to use some higher quality modern speaker cable. Some models (XR2 and Ghia) were also fitted with a manual speaker fader joystick which is best removed if fitting a modern headunit. It's controls are somewhat crude, and modern headunits have speaker level adjustment built in as standard.

As always, if in any doubt, please consult a qualified vehicle electrician before attempting any work.

Mk2 Fiesta Standard Audio Wiring Colours and function

Wiring Colour Wire function Location connected to
Red/Blue Permanent Live (Radio Preset Memory) Cigarette lighter socket via accessory piggy back loom.
Yellow Ignition Switched Live Yellow spade type connector on steering column
Grey/Yellow Illumination Cigarette lighter socket via accessory piggy back loom
Brown Earth Point Earth point on upper steering column support (attached with screw)

Mk2 Fiesta Aftermarket Wiring Method

If you are fitting a radio from scratch and do not have the standard audio loom, you can use the guide below for general connection advice. It is suggested that a 15amp fuse be added inline to the permanent live wire in case of electrical faults.

Function Location connected to
Permanent Live Splice into the top wire coming off the back of Fusebox location 1
Ignition Switched Live Splice into the top wire coming from fusebox location 4
Illumination Splice into the Grey/Yellow wires on the heater control illumination
Earth Attach to earth point on black upper steering column bracket

Please refer to the fusebox guide for more information about the function of the fuses mentioned above.

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