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Fuses and Relays (Mk2 Fiesta)

The fuse-box contains fuses and ten main relays. Access to the relays is made from the rear of the fuse-box. On some models additional relays are located on a bracket behind the fuse-box and in the engine compartment. To check or renew a fuse, open cover and remove. All fuses are push fit. A blown fuse will be recognised by a break in its wire. Attached to the insode of the cover is a plastic tool for use when changing a fuse.

Warning - Before replacing a fuse or a relay, ensure that both the ignition and respective switch are in the off position.

Fuse-box Panel

Information taken from Fiesta Operating Guide (July 1983)

Mk2 Fiesta Fusebox


Fuse No. Rating (Amps) Circuits Protected
1 30 Hazard flasher, horn, tailgate lock remote release switch
2 15 Interior light, windscreen washer, clock
3 30 Headlamp washers (Scandinavian territories only)
4 20 Wiper motor-front and rear, rear window washer, reversing light
5 20 Heater blower motor
6 20 Engine cooling fan
7 30 Heated rear window
8 10 Direction indicators, brake lights, fuel gauge
9 10 Side lights left, numberplate lights, illumination for instrument panel, cigar-lighter, heater control switch and glove compartment illumination
10 10 Side lights right, illumination for switches
11 10 Dipped beam left, rear fog lamp (not Sweden or Finland)
12 10 Dipped beam right
13 10 Main beam left
14 10 Main beam right

Additional fuses

Circuits Protected Location
Radio In wiring system or on rear of radio.
Remote release switch for tailgate lock At rear of fuse-box
Heated front seats (Scandinavian territories only) on relay
Front fog lamps (Scandinavian territories only) on relay
Rear fog lamps (Finland only) on rear of fuse-box
Auxillary driving lights on relay

Please note: If a circuit should still be defective even though a new fuse has been fitted, then have the respective relay and its related wiring inspected by a qualified professional.

Relays on rear of fuse-box

Relay No. Switched circuit
I Ignition switch
II Heated rear window and heated door mirror with automatic 'cut-out'
III Remote release switch for tailgate lock
IV Intermittent wiper motor - front
V Headlamp washers (scandinavian territories only)
VI Direction indicator relay

Relays on bracket (rear-side of fuse-box)

Daytime running lights (2 relays/Sweden only)
Heated front seats (Scandinavian territories only
Auxillary driving lamps

Relays in engine compartment

Exhaust emission control (Austria and Norway only)
Glowplug (diesel engine)

Fuse Colours

Standard blade fuse colours

10 amp blade fuse

10 amp

15 Amp blade fuse

15 amp

20 amp blade fuse

20 amp

30 amp blade fuse

30 amp

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