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Bulb Chart (Mk2 Fiesta)

Bulbs fitted to the Mk2 Fiesta

A list of the correct replacement bulb types and wattage to fit to all Mk2 Fiestas (1983-89). It's important not to exceed the listed wattage of the bulb as you may end up with melted plastics or even a fire, I'm sure most of us have seen the effects of the wrong wattage bulb on the heater panel for example. The original interior bulbs can nowadays also be upgraded to LED replacements which give a brighter appearance and should be longer lasting. The information in the table below is taken from Ford Fiesta Workshop Manual.

Lamp Bulb Type Wattage
Halogen headlamps H4 60/65
Halogen auxiliary headlamps (XR2 Driving lamps) H3 55
Halogen front fog lamps (optional extra) H3 55
Indicator lights - Front Bayonet cap bulb 21
Indicator lights - Rear Bayonet cap bulb 21
Brake/tail lights Bayonet cap bulb 21/5
Reversing light(s) Bayonet cap bulb 21
Rear fog lamp(s) Bayonet cap bulb 21
Licence plate lights Glass socket 5
Side lights - Front Bayonet cap bulb 4
Luggage compartment light Bayonet cap bulb 10
Interior light(s) Bayonet cap bulb 10
Glove compartment light Glass socket 2
Monitoring and warning lights* Glass socket 1.2 or 2.5
Instrument lighting Glass socket 1.2 or 2.5
Heater control unit lighting Glass socket 1
Cigarette lighter light Glass socket 1.2

*Note: The monitoring lights and warning lights in the switches in the instrument panel are soldered in place and cannot be replaced on their own.

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