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Ford Fiesta Mk1 Base (1977-80)

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The entry model of the Ford Fiesta range was initially just badged as 'Fiesta'. These base models were initially offered with two differing 950cc engine options (producing 40PS and 45PS respectively) coupled to a 4 speed box, the 1100cc (53BHP) was added to the spec sheet by 1978. Weighing in at just 700kg, these sparsely specced cars were 14kg lighter than the next model up and 71kg lighter than a Ghia spec. Later in production the Base model was scrapped in favour of the 'Popular' name.

Fiesta Base Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample
Diamond WhiteSolid1977Ford Diamond WhiteVinylChocolate or Red
Midnight BlueSolid1977Ford Midnight BlueVinylTan or Red
Riviera BlueSolid1977Ford Riviera BlueVinylBlack or Tan
Tuscan BeigeSolid1977Ford Tuscan BeigeVinylChocolate or Tan
Venetian RedSolid1977RFord Venetian RedVinylTan or Red
Diamond WhiteSolid1978Ford Diamond WhiteVinylChocolate or Red
Fjord BlueSolid1978Ford Fjord BlueVinylBlack or Tan
Highland GreenSolid1978Ford Highland GreenVinylBlack or Tan
Midnight BlueSolid1978Ford Midnight BlueVinylTan or Red
Sierra BeigeSolid1978Ford Sierra BeigeVinylChocolate or Tan
Signal OrangeSolid1978Ford Signal OrangeVinylChocolate or Black
Signal YellowSolid1978Ford Signal YellowVinylBlack or Tan
Venetian RedSolid1978RFord Venetian RedVinylTan or Red
Apollo GreenMetallic1978Ford Apollo GreenVinylBlack or Tan
Cosmos BlueMetallic1978Ford Cosmos BlueVinylBlack or Tan
Jupiter RedMetallic1978Ford Jupiter RedVinylTan or Red
Oyster GoldMetallic1978CFord Oyster GoldVinylChocolate or Tan
Roman BronzeMetallic1978SFord Roman BronzeVinylChocolate or Tan
Strato SilverMetallic1978Ford Strato SilverVinylChocolate or Red

Brochure Image

Mk1 Ford Fiesta Base brochure

Known UK Fiesta Base Vehicles

We currently have 41 Mk1 Ford Fiesta Base cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
AAE7 **VBase19791.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOn the RoadYES
ATD2 **VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolRedScrappedYES
ATT3 **TBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownYES
AVG4 **XBase19811.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownYES
AX35 84** NBase19811.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond White.On the RoadYES
BNE8 **TBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolTuscan BeigeOff the RoadYES
CCL7 **TBase19784spd ManualPetrolBlackUnknownYES
CFB4 **VBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeScrappedYES
DBO9 **VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedOn the RoadNo
DOB9 **VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedOn the RoadNo
ERU* *VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolSierra Beige Off the RoadYES
FBW2 **VBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolBronzeUnknownYES
FDY2 **XBase19811.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownYES
FMP5 **VBase19801.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownNo
FTD* *WBase19811.04spd ManualPetrolMeadow GreenUnknownYES
GCH5 **VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolNordic BlueUnknownYES
GFV5 **SBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolPeppermint GreenOn the RoadYES
JAH7 **VBase19791.14spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownNo
JHO7 **SBase19784spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOn the RoadYES
JTW3 **VBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolRiviera BlueScrappedYES
KMH9 **WBase19801.34spd ManualPetrolBlackUnknownNo
LEL* *WBase19801.14spd ManualPetrolSilverUnknownNo
MJO1 **SBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolSignal AmberOn the RoadYES
MUM5 **VBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedOn the RoadYES
OBF4 **WBase19801.14spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownNo
OEU5 **RBase19761.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadYES
OS-G A6** HBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedOn the RoadYES
PCU1 **RBase19771.04spd ManualPetrolRiviera BlueOn the RoadYES
PCX5 **TBase19791.04spd ManualPetrolSierra BeigeOff the RoadYES
PIC* *5Base19791.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeOn the RoadYES
PMY5 **WBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownNo
RCC9 **SBase19771.04spd ManualPetrolSignal YellowScrappedNo
RFX4 **WBase19801.14spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownNo
RYA6 **VBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolBronzeUnknownYES
SKL2 **WBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
SLP* *RBase19771.04spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadNo
SVX2 **WBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolVenetian RedScrappedYES
UTW2 **WBase19801.04spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownYES
XJN4 **SBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolSignal Yellow ScrappedNo
YNT* *TBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolSunburnt RedOn the RoadYES
YWF2 **TBase19781.04spd ManualPetrolBeigeUnknownYES

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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