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Andy Smith

Author: Andy Smith | Photographer: Andy Smith

I've bought an engine

Well I haven't really done much on it recently, its now rolling with all the suspension on, and more importantly its got its heart.....An engine! bought it from eBay last week so couldn't resist slotting it in there. I've also bought some wheels, Some compomotive ML's 9X15 on the rear and 8X15 on the front finished in anthracite, I've also started doing the arches but still a lot of work to do to them yet. Here's a few pictures for you all...

Splitter decisions

Im undecided whether to keep the splitter or sack it off.

The car gets some fresh Air

I Pulled the car out the garage today to turn it around so thought i'd take some pics. After looking at these pictures i got to sort my new tyres at some point to get rid of the balloons on the back!

Off to PowerSpeed

Dropped the car off today at Powerspeed in Ashford, fantastic guys down there, would recommend them to anyone!

Should be ready next week to pick up. Also I fitted the intercooler and rad in the other day.

New Exhaust Fitted

Picked the car up today and to be honest I am well chuffed with the exhaust, they done a fantastic job heres some pictures.

I'm still plodding away with the car, been doing alot of jobs that you dont really notice and buying things slowly as well. I Finished off the welding in the engine bay and the bulkhead.

Then finshed off the steering column using a self aligning bearing

Then made the platform for the fuel tank.

Also not to everyones taste but i like it, a roof scoop, purchased from Drift Works, im probably going to paint it the same colour as the car otherwise it might look a bit out of place.

Now it finally resides on the spit ready to seal and paint the underside of the body.

Time for some underseal

I've been busy undersealing the underneath, first I used a brush on seam sealer to do all the flat joins, then a sealer in a caulking gun to do the right angles then finally sprayed the whole of the under side with 3M Bag sealer, used about 18 bags of the stuff and at a just under a tenner a bag it soon added up!!

The 3M bag sealer is like a seam sealer that you brush on but comes in a bag with a nozel that attaches to a specific gun, it then sparays it out with a textured finish. I'd been advised to use this as its very tough, wont crack as its flexible and can be painted straight over. Heres what a bag looks like.

Also finally decided on a colour and bought it so no going back now!! Ready to paint the underside and then hopefully inside and outside will be done by xmas. Here it is on a car.

Painting the Fiesta underside

I painted the underside today, the pictures speak for themselves really.

Front arch fibreglassing

Well i'm slowly making progress, got the bonnet and boot mounted with the pins and made a start on fibreglassing the front arches so that i can make the side pieces for the splitter, i was hoping to get it painted before xmas but I think thats a bit optimistic really, there is alot of prep work I want to do to keep the cost down from the bodyshop.

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