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Andy Smith

Author: Andy Smith | Photographer: Andy Smith

Front panel and splitter work

I had a bit of time over xmas on the car doing the front panel and splitter, its taken hours and hours to get it right but i'm just about there with it now.

Paint prep

I've done a little bit on the car to get it ready for painting, i've seam sealed all the joints in the engine bay and prepped it ready for the bodyshop. Then smoothed out the rear panel as im not going to run bumpers, Then i moved onto the rear archs which did take a while but there good enough for me i'll let the bodyshop do the final touches to them. Anyway i took a few pics at various points...enjoy.

Respray booked

The Fiesta is booked in now for the paint to be done, it's going in on the 16th of this month and I've still got all the inside to prep!! Better pull my finger out methinks. I'm looking foward to the rebuild though. I've done the bonnet vents now as well.

Rear axle build

The car went to the painters earlier in the month, not sure how long it will be though as its a favor job so they always seem to take longer. While the car is out the garage i've been using the space to get all my bits painted and also building the axle. Heres the axle, its running a Tran-X LSD and Tran-x 18 spline shafts, i've also welded the tubes into the head and also on the ends, hopefully this will give as much strength as i need. I'm quite chuffed with my calipers too i stripped them completely and had them shot blasted and rebuilt them with all new seals etc all in all the owe me

Engine spec

I'm getting bored of waiting now for the car to be painted, its been nearly 4 months and all ive been able to do is odds and sodds. Picking the block up Wednesday so least i can get cracking on the engine build.

Spec will be;

  1. 200 Block long studded
  2. Cosworth racing pistons with valve pockets 8:1 Comp
  3. Roper developments ported and polished gas flowed head
  4. Double valve springs
  5. MA Developments spec cams
  6. Hart inlet
  7. 1000cc bosch injectors
  8. GT30 with external wastegate
  9. Vi-pec management
  10. Mapped by MA Developments

Hoping to crack the 500bhp mark so should be nice and lively.

Paint shop visit

I got a call from the bodyshop today to say can i go and have a look and make sure i was happy with the progress so jumped in the car and popped down there. Its well under way now which im pleased about and the prepping is going well, it's surprising how much prep work goes into a respray. A lot of things needed more attention than I realised, especially the fibreglass parts where they were very uneven. Anyway hopefully next week he'll get a bit of primer on her. Took a couple of pictures while I was there but off my phone whilst holding my daughter with one arm so quality isn't great.

Progress at last, i need to pull my finger out now and build the engine while i've got some garage space.

Bottom end build

Been busy last few days building the bottom end up and thats now complete bar a couple of block adaptors for the breather and putting the water pump puley on. Took a few pics as usual:

I will be collecting the head on the 17th so i'll build that that back up when its back and that's engine done. The bodywork is all prepped now and will be primered and painted within a couple of weeks as he needs it out the way to have his floor concreted. So I'll have a nice picture update very soon.

The paint prep continues

After a few set backs i'm now back on track, when the Fiesta was put in primer at the bodyshop the rear wheel arches didnt look good, they were a bit out of shape, it was due to be painted a couple of weeks ago and when i looked at it i wasnt happy with the arches so i asked them to do a bit more work on them before it was painted, this was a pain cause he was shutting down for holidays for a couple of weeks, now they are back and work will commence soon on it. Here's a couple of pictures before they re-did them, you can really see in one of the pictures what i mean.

A few of the cylinder head before it went on.

Just need a car back now to put it in!

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