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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

Broken Rivet Gun

I also managed to break the mandrel piece in my rivnut gun when doing the bodykit.

fiesta rivnut rivnut gun

Lowering springs

With my new springs i think im going to be literally tearing up Uxbridge ....with my exhaust.

fiesta lowering springs

The Fiesta gets wide fibreglass wheel arches

Here you go, some photos of how she sits at the moment.

Mk1 Ford Fiesta wide arch fitting Mk1 Fiesta MCR arches Ford Fiesta fibreglass arches MC Rallying Fiesta Mk1 wheelarches Rally style arches for a Mk1 Ford Fiesta Wide wheelarches on a Ford Fiesta 1976

Spring shortening

Saturday I spent with Williamson fitting a clutch. and in return he shortend my new springs with the oxy acetylene. he cut one coil off and heated the end down flat. (and he picked it up when it was red hot! I'm still going to wire them to the axle as they can fall out if the car is jacked up. Heres a before and after the corrective surgery:

lowering springs bent with oxy-acetelene

I also painted my Gaz shock to match my orange bits

Mk1 Fiesta Gaz shocks painted orange

And heres how the car sits on the shortend springs

Lowered fiesta on Gaz shocks Lowered Mk1 Ford Fiesta from the rear Lowered Fiesta with MCR arches

I also got round to painting my needles in the xr clocks to match the autometer gauges.

autometer gauges with red needles

S1 ERST Gearbox Mounting

Update time, the blue car has been treated to a new battery, pads, disks and bearings, (i have wrongly bought a set of wheel bearings for a mk1 950 - 1100 cc 2/77- 7/80).

Mk1 Fiesta hub carrier New ford Fiesta Mk1 discs and pads

I bolted the S1 box onto the engine, williamson came over and helped out we also dont reckon the clutch ive put in will last 5 minutes but we will see. I had to put a stud into one of the lower bell housing holes because it was double threaded and chewed up.

S1 ERST gearbox bolted to a crossflow Crossflow engine with BC gearbox X-Flow with lsd BC gearbox Crossflow with BC box attached

Has anyone got a picture of this mount being used in a mk1 bay. do i need to get a rubber engine mount type thing of do you just throw a nut and bolt through the inner wing?

Gearbox mount on a S1 LSD gearbox

Paint Prep

Haven't done much recently, just been trying to get this kit to fit and started to prep the engine bay ready for paint.

Mk1 Fiesta front splitter classic Fiesta front splitter Fiesta paint prep Mk1 Ford Fiesta paint prep

MOT Pass

The Blue car passed its MOT today no worries, the sun came out for five seconds on sunday so i took some photos.

Gulf themed Mk1 Fiesta Two Mk1 Fiesta retro fiestas classic Fiestas

Rust under the windscreen lip

I've managed to get the windscreen out with the help of Williamson, and look what I found.

Ford Fiesta Mk1 scuttle panel rot Fiesta Windscreen rust problems

Here's the blue car on the rs 7 spokes. i can drive it to work now without the tyres scrubbing over every bump.

RS 7 spoke alloys on a Mk1 Fiesta

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