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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

A different exhaust

I've tried the other exhaust and it seems to fit much better. need the tail pipe welding on again. and a new flexy put into place.

Cradles spacers

Whilst i should be doing uni work i managed to make some 5mm spacers for my cradle and faced off the old trumpets to make pipes to hold my venturies in.

5mm cradle spacers

Exhaust modification

A little update, Williamson made a large modification to my down pipe. I will lose a few BHP through this but its the only way i could get the rest of the system to sit up in the tunnel. i have every intension of getting a manifold made out of s/s, and this s shape can be bent to shape.

modified downpipe perfromance exhaust fitted to MkI fiesta fiesta mk1 performance exhaust

ive also had to strip the paint off the headers because it turns out the paint cant withstand the temps and ive heat wrapped it all up.

exhaust headers four branch manifold on zetec engine Mk1 Fiesta custom manifold

Gearbox clearance

I've sorted out the gearbox clearance issues with the spacers i made. Here are some shortened cvh head bolts.

shortened cvh head bolts gearbox clearance modification Mk1 fiesta with 5 speed gearbox

Dashboard wiring and quick shift kit

I've fitted my dash and wired all the gauges up.

Modified fiesta mark 1 dashboard ford racing gauges

Ive also got to fit my new gear linkage along with this rally design quick shift kit.

Mk1 Fiesta rally design quick shift kit

Brake lights and loom repair

Little update, I've managed to repair the rear loom, from where I cut through it doing the rear arches.

mk1 fiesta loom repair

I've also wired up my stockcar style brake lights, tho they are a little too bright. im going to take the lenses off and tint the inside black.

fiesta extra brake lights

Engine timing and a few photos

Today Zak came over and we timed up the engine. However the engine is still running a bit rough, we eventually noticed that my alternator isn't charging, not sure why yet. I need to get a multimeter on it and check the wiring. but the volt gauge is now reading bellow 10 volts when its running. so i reckon the engine just isnt getting the power for the spark.

Here are some pics on a proper camera of it in the sun, still no luck with my windows though.

Wide arched beige Mk1 Fiesta Beige beast Mk1 Fiesta Ford Fiesta Mk1 XR2 rear spoiler Mk1 Ford Fiesta with front quarter bumpers Mk1 Ford Fiesta strut brace Mk1 Ford Fiesta with Cosworth rocker cover Fibreglass wide arch kit for Mk1 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Fiesta dashboard with Ford racing gauges Beige Mk1 fiesta with orange alleycat wheels

I've started bodging the rally design quick shift kit. who here has done this and how much grief was cutting and sliding the ball part down the spline? im having a nightmare with mine at the mo.

One hour mockup

Just finished a photoshop which I've wasted the last hour doing.

supercharged mk1 mockup

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