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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

Into the bodyshop

I went to the paint shop on the saturday morning and mick and mark have made a good start. they are however taking on more than i asked by painting the interior aswell. which i thought i did a half decent job out the can. but they think not. Everything is being smoothed, including the plates for the cage and the welding around the five speed kit. So far so good.

Image Image Image Image

After my trip to see the prep work on the mk1 i made a good start on fixing a mates mk3 escort which needed a new front panel and cross member.

Image Image

Update bodywork pictures

Here are some pics off my phone, not great quality and the car was rained on and driven down a dusty track on the way to mine but it still looks ace. there are a couple of minor things im not happy with but its going to get sorted asap

beige Mk1 Fiesta Johnsons Mk1 Ford Fiesta resprayed in beige Beige retro fiesta with alleycat wheels beige and orange widearched Mk1 Fiesta freshly painted Fiesta in beige and orange

Cradle adjustment and bumper fitting

I've cut the blocks off the cradle and started bolting bits back on. also ive started running all the wiring thro again. I just had to bolt the number plate on and bumpers.

Photo-0320.jpg Photo-0322.jpg Photo-0323.jpg converting Mk1 Fiesta bumper to escort style quarter bumpers Mk1 Fiesta quarter bumpers Photo-0326.jpg


Little Update, fitted the servo and pedal box.


I shouldnt get any bulkhead flex with these.


Seam sealed and stonechipped the arches.


Ready to run the brake lines and fuel pipe.

New copper brake line kit for Ford Fiesta 1976-83 Image

Rebuilding Fiesta Mk1 rear axle

I've been sorting out the Fiesta's back axle.

Mk1 Fiesta rear axle hacksawing through a Mk1 Ford Fiesta trailing arm bush Stripping the paint from a classic Fiesta rear axle Fiesta rear beam repainted in orange Ferodo brake pads for a Mk1 Fiesta Mk1 Fiesta brake drum assembly

Fiesta Reassembly

I still have no internet at the flat, but I managed to upload theses reassembly pics at a mates house

Image Superflex poly bushes for a Mk1 Ford Fiesta Retro Fiesta rear brake bias valve Image Image Image Mk1 Fiesta brake servo and master cylinder

Front coilovers

She is back on the wheels with the coil overs on the front.

Mk1 Fiesta front coilovers Lowered 1980 Ford Fiesta

The Engine is in

A little update, Williamson came over and we threw the engine in.

Crossflow engine on lifting crane Mk1 Fiesta lifted on an engine crane Crossflow engine in Mk1 Fiesta bay Mk1 Fiesta strut brace Fiesta engine bay with X-Flow engine Crossflow engine fitted to a 1981 Fiesta Beige Fiesta engine bay

I've got some issues though, with the gearbox sitting very close to the modified chassis rail at the back.

Fiesta Mk1 Chassis rails Cosworth rocker cover for crossflow engine The beige beast fiesta

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