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Tiger Striped Mk2 XR2 Zetec

Ady Bright

Author: Ady Bright | Photographer: Ady Bright

A new Xr2 purchased

I bought this MK2 XR2, 64000 miles, stack of history, yrs MOT from a friend of a friend.

It was totally original right down to amber indies and Ford radio cassette.

Within the 1st week of ownership I had ordered a K&N filter, Sportex manifold and system then travelled to Midland wheels in Rugby and picked up the 13" superlites with 175/50/ yokohama A539.Being dished for rear wheel drive I took a trolley jack and fitted them there incase I had any problems. The staff were really helpful and I left with no scrubbing and a big smile on my face.

After a week away with the family I was itching to fit the manifold/system which I did before I had to return to work.
Next was the suspension, I ordered sum -50mm springs and uprated dampers which where fitted with the help of Ford Nut.
Id been picking up some under bonnet chrome toys from Ebay when they appeared which has given it nice talking point.
Over the winter I pulled it off the road, stripped the interior, my wife got me the seats for my birthday, my father brought me the harnesses then the steering wheel was another gift from the misses at Xmas.
I got some gauges in a 'carbon look' panel which looks trick then got bizy with the exterior.
I painted the bodykit and bumpers in gloss black, getting rid of the ugly bumper insert and lost the red side strip. The home made single wiper kit is a nice touch giving the whole car a smooth look.
There is load Ive forgot but hey........ENJOY!

Stripping out the Fiesta interior

After some thought and inspired by the differance in appearance of MKs interior Ive fully stripped my interior. No more carpets, sound proofing or centre console. I was shocked on the wieght of the sound proofing along let alone the carpets and console!

Another worry as we all know is you never know what hides underneath the carpets. As luck would have in it was minty mint fresh and no nasty surprises!!

Ive given it a quick prep, then 3 cans of Mercury grey later to restore a deep shine and its almost ready for the seats and harnesses again.

Cage and doorcards fitted

Cage fitted, After a fresh coat of paint, new safety devices stickers and stainless, allen headed bolts it looks the part

Feb 12, 2009

I've purchased some F1 stylee door mirrors. They where on some gash mounting brackets so I had some new ones made at work. Got some small tweeks to do to them tonight to give me better vision but they really look cool and make you realise how freakin huuuge the original fit mirrors are!! I fitted the drivers side last night, passanger side will go on after the weekend.

Next the doorcards which I made myself. After a quick blow over on the inside of the door with Mercury Grey to tidy it up I got some hardboard which I cut to shape and picked up some carbon fibre look vinyl from eBay. After a little cutting fettling and getting rid of any air bubbles I ended up with these.

New pictures

More up-to-date pics at last

The chrome engine goodies reflect well off the freshly painted bonnet

Had the suspension off, cleaned and painted

The outside after its been lowered some more, trick carbon mirrors and the new bonnet

The interior, carbon door door cards, funky foot rest.....

Engine pictures

Took another couple of the engine.

Santa Pod

We went to Santa Pod this Sunday for the RS day and the XR ran a 16.4 which was 0.3 quicker than previous best. After a look around the show I returned to my car to find a 'calling card' from Performance Ford. I gave them a call and they are interested in doing a feature so fingers crossed we can do something there. Ive just got some grooved discs from Martin XR2 as my standard discs are alittle warped so hopefully my brakes will be improved slightly and 'judder free'.

Any-who.... afew pics from Sunday...

Ive been having another play with the ride height. Spot the differences .....




I wanted the front a little lower but its on its bump stops and I cant be arsed to pull it apart again and trim em up. Finally I've added a few stickers to break up a very plain side view.

Stainless door cards

I've been making some new door cards as the carbon look ones have turned to mush. Ive got a large sheet of super thin stainless which Ive cut out the shape and am in the proccess off choping out the holes for handles and catches. I aim to have then finished this week ready for Retro Show at Pod.
Ive a new Piper 285 cam and vernier which will be thrown in the car at some point and have picked up an inlet manifold to run 40s when finances are right. I may just leave it all til the winter time so I havent gota rush as the car will be SORN.

Winter hibernation

Its been a while since I've updated. Nothing major to report apart from its coming of the road for winter. Engine is coming out so I can tidy the bay and going down the oh so popular Zetec route. Mr Stannard has a low mileage RS1800 set up just sitting in his shed. Along with some bike carbs that should make for a fruity drive. Soon enough my millions of pounds worth of under bonnet chrome will be up for grabs so keep an eye on the for sale section. Anywho.... here's a picture of how it looks now.

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