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Ford Fiesta Mk2 Ghia (1984-1989)

Ford Fiesta Ghia

The Mark II version of the Fiesta Ghia was released in May of 1984, it sits as the 'luxury' model in the range. The name refers to the Italian automobile design and coachbuilding firm, partially owned by Ford who helped to develop this model. The Ghia title was in fact the longest running trim designation name of any Ford model, running from 1973 up to 2010 when it was finally replaced.

The Ghia was initially sold with 1.1 and 1.3 engine variants, and later the 1.4 cvh replaced the 1.3 version across the range including this model.

Pre-1986 cars are slightly better equipped with equipment such as a three button lcd screened roof clock, plusher carpets,glovebox light and electric boot release. These features were removed in an effort to improve profitability.

Later cars also saw a change in wheeltrim style as well as a different side moulding design, the earlier versions had wheel arch 'spat' sections built into them, with the later cars featuring a simpler straight design.

Fiesta Ghia Colour & Trim Variations

Colours listed are based on information taken from 'Ford Cars' brochures, ordered by year of availablity.

The Mk2 Ghia's came equipped with either 'Savoy' (for earlier versions) or 'Olivia' as the main seat fabric pattern , the table below shows the interior colour options in relation to the cars exterior paint.

Colour Name Colour Type Year Colour Code Paint Sample Interior Pattern Interior Colour Interior Sample
BlackSolid1984A4Ford BlackSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Cardinal RedSolid1984R4Ford Cardinal RedSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Cedar GreenSolid1984G4Ford Cedar GreenSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Ceramic BlueSolid1984E4Ford Ceramic BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Coral BeigeSolid1984F4Ford Coral BeigeSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha
Diamond WhiteSolid1984B4Ford Diamond WhiteSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Ocean BlueSolid1984N4Ford Ocean BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Rio BrownSolid1984J4Ford Rio BrownSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha
Sunburst RedSolid1984P4Ford Sunburst RedSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Caspian BlueMetallic198434Ford Caspian BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Glacier BlueMetallic198454Ford Glacier BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Imperial RedMetallic198424Ford Imperial RedSavoy/Crushed VelourGrey
Jade GreenMetallic198484Ford Jade GreenSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Mineral BlueMetallic198454Ford Mineral BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Nimbus GreyMetallic198474Ford Nimbus GreySavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Paris BlueMetallic198434Ford Paris BlueSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
Quartz GoldMetallic198414Ford Quartz GoldSavoy/Crushed VelourMocha or Grey
Strato SilverMetallic1984V4Ford Strato SilverSavoy/Crushed VelourBlue or Grey
BlackSolid1987A7Ford BlackOliviaTaupe or Shadow
Burgundy RedSolid1987E7Ford Burgundy RedOliviaTaupe or Shadow
Citrine YellowSolid1987Ford Citrine YellowOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Diamond WhiteSolid1987B3Ford Diamond WhiteOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Galaxy BlueSolid1987D7Ford Galaxy BlueOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Ivory White Solid1987H7Ford Ivory White OliviaTaupe
Maritime BlueSolid1987F7Ford Maritime BlueOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Rosso RedSolid1987R5Ford Rosso RedOliviaTaupe or Shadow
ChestnutMetallic1987J6/36Ford ChestnutOliviaTaupe
Crystal BlueMetallic1987U7Ford Crystal BlueOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Mercury GreyMetallic1987Q7Ford Mercury GreyOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Regency RedMetallic198744Ford Regency RedOliviaShadow
Silica GoldMetallic198757Ford Silica GoldOliviaTaupe
Strato SilverMetallic1987V7Ford Strato SilverOliviaBluestone or Shadow
Willow GreenMetallic1987X7/L7Ford Willow GreenOliviaShadow

Image Gallery - Early Spec Mk2 Ghia

Images of a beautifully preserved early 1984 Mk2 Ghia in near original condition. Note the early spec only parts, 'ears' on the early headrests, centre console with cassette drawer and fluffier carpets.

A big thanks to the guys at KGF Classic Cars who kindly gave permission to use their stunning photos for this section. If you're looking for a retro/classic car that's as close to factory fresh as you will find, give them a shout.

Image Gallery - Late Mk2 Ghia

This pristine Diamond white 1987 1.4 Ghia with grey trim shows the difference between the pre and post-86 cars. Cost saving measures mean the cassette drawer console is gone, replaced with a plain centre console with storage tray. You can also see that the lower dash mounting screw covers have also been done away with, as well as one of the three roof clock function buttons.

Known UK Fiesta Ghia Vehicles

We currently have 218 Mk2 Ford Fiesta Ghia cars on the database. If yours isn't listed then please add it by filling out the form on the register page.

Registration Model Year Engine Size Transmission Fuel Type Colour Status Details
403A K**6 GhiaUnknown1.1PetrolRedUnknownView >
A105 **LGhia19841.1PetrolQuartz GoldUnknownView >
A139 **KGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolJade GreenOn the RoadView >
A166 **TGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A180 **BGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A232 **LGhia19831.14spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadView >
A23* *NGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolGreenUnknownView >
A25* *LGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A270 **HGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolUnknownView >
A313 **FGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A340 **CGhiaUnknown1.1ScrappedView >
A345 **OGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A441 **PGhia19831.35spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
A491 **DGhia19831.14spd ManualPetrolNimbus GreyOff the RoadView >
A540 **NGhia19831.14spd ManualPetrolOcean BlueUnknownView >
A565 **WGhiaUnknown1.1ScrappedView >
A587 **MGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A651 **OGhia1983UnknownView >
A660 **WGhia19841.14spd ManualPetrolImperial RedOn the RoadView >
A667 **RGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldUnknownView >
A747 **KGhia19831.305spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverOn the RoadView >
A804 **SGhia19841.45spd ManualPetrolGreenOff the RoadView >
A821 **PGhia19841.14spd ManualPetrolBlue MetallicOff the RoadView >
A829 **PGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A870 **UGhia19841.1PetrolImperial RedOn the RoadView >
A891 **TGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A914 **TGhia19831.14spd ManualPetrolCaspian BlueOn the RoadView >
A928 **BGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
A940 **JGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
B102 **EGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolSilverUnknownView >
B112 **DGhia19841.1PetrolBlueUnknownView >
B115 **VGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
B119 **XGhia19851.15spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
B123 **PGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
B148 **HGhia19851.1PetrolCeramic BlueUnknownView >
B212 **OGhia19841.1PetrolRedUnknownView >
B220 **VGhia19851.1PetrolQuartz GoldUnknownView >
B254 **UGhia19851.14spd ManualPetrolCeramic BlueOn the RoadView >
B261 **EGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolGreyUnknownView >
B263 **TGhia19841.14spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadView >
B283 **UGhia1985PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B309 **VGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolDiamond WhiteScrappedView >
B311 **PGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
B326 **OGhia19841.1PetrolUnknownView >
B330 **PGhia1984PetrolUnknownView >
B354 **XGhiaUnknown1.35spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B385 **KGhia19851.10PetrolUnknownView >
B458 **MGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolParis BlueUnknownView >
B521 **CGhia19851.1PetrolGreenUnknownView >
B523 **XGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
B574 **XGhia19841.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
B57* *UGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolGold UnknownView >
B606 **XGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
B608 **OGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolSilverUnknownView >
B609 **PGhia19841.1PetrolQuartz GoldUnknownView >
B616 **HGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
B638 **UGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolSilverUnknownView >
B717 **HGhia19841.1PetrolBlueUnknownView >
B758 **TGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolSunburst RedOn the RoadView >
B762 **MGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
B783 **NGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolCaspian BlueUnknownView >
B80* *LGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
B830 **WGhia19841.1PetrolGreenUnknownView >
B880 **LGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolImperial RedScrappedView >
B919 **RGhia19831.65spd ManualPetrolBright BlueOn the RoadView >
B922 **UGhia19841.1PetrolCeramic BlueUnknownView >
B964 **VGhia19841.35spd ManualPetrolQuartz GoldUnknownView >
BMN3 **JGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
C142 **KGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolRosso RedOff the RoadView >
C149 **DGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolParis BlueUnknownView >
C163 **RGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolScrappedView >
C223 **KGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolMaritime BlueOff the RoadView >
C246 **TGhia19861.1PetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
C267 **WGhia19851.1PetrolNimbus GreyUnknownView >
C287 **JGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
C303 **PGhia19861.1PetrolCitrine YellowUnknownView >
C374 **PGhia19851.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
C413 **BGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownView >
C435 **NGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolBlackOn the RoadView >
C440 **YGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
C441 **JGhia19851.14spd ManualPetrolMineral Blue MetallicOff the RoadView >
C49* *KGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownView >
C545 **XGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolCedar GreenScrappedView >
C54* *JGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolCitrine YellowScrappedView >
C572 **RGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolBlueUnknownView >
C609 **WGhia19861.1PetrolCeramic BlueUnknownView >
C657 **MGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolScrappedView >
C810 **TGhia19851.35spd ManualPetrolRedUnknownView >
C930 **NGhia19871.35spd ManualPetrolParis Blue On the RoadView >
C968 **GGhia19861.1PetrolBlackUnknownView >
C980 **HGhia1986Strato SilverUnknownView >
CQ-2 7**5 Ghia19861.15spd ManualPetrolChampagne GoldUnknownView >
D107 **HGhia19871.1PetrolCrystal BlueUnknownView >
D128 **FGhia1986PetrolCitrine YellowUnknownView >
D166 **LGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolCrystal BlueScrappedView >
D194 **TGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverOn the RoadView >
D195 **PGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolMaritime BlueOn the RoadView >
D253 **TGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolRegency RedOff the RoadView >
D375 **EGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolTasman BlueOn the RoadView >
D396 **KGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolBlackUnknownView >
D432 **JGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolRegency RedOn the RoadView >
D432 **NGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
D444 **XGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
D473 **HGhia19861.1PetrolUnknownView >
D493 **FGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOn the RoadView >
D508 **WGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolMercury GreyOff the RoadView >
D53* *CGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolBlackUnknownView >
D545 **MGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolBlackScrappedView >
D577 **XGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
D595 **HGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolParis BlueUnknownView >
D619 **HGhia19861.45spd ManualPetrolLacquer RedUnknownView >
D64* *RGhia19871.1PetrolCrystal BlueScrappedView >
D715 **MGhia19861.14spd ManualPetrolGarnet RedOff the RoadView >
D742 **JGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolMaritime BlueOff the RoadView >
D832 **WGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
D967 **AGhia19871.1PetrolBurgundy RedUnknownView >
E112 **KGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
E149 **FGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolQuartz Gold Off the RoadView >
E150 **XGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRed On the RoadView >
E205 **KGhiaUnknown1.1AutoPetrolBurgundy RedUnknownView >
E241 **TGhia19881.1PetrolOff the RoadView >
E30* *AGhia19881.1PetrolMercury GreyOn the RoadView >
E316 **TGhia19871.1AutoPetrolRedOn the RoadView >
E32* *NGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E338 **WGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
E349 **WGhia19881.1PetrolUnknownView >
E417 **TGhia19871.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
E424 **VGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolScrappedView >
E446 **FGhia19881.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadView >
E449 **NGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E452 **CGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
E454 **JGhia19871.1AutoPetrolBlackOn the RoadView >
E455 **XGhia19781.1AutoPetrolGoldOn the RoadView >
E465 **AGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolWillow GreenOn the RoadView >
E468 **JGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolSilver Metallic On the RoadView >
E503 **OGhia19881.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteOff the RoadView >
E513 **VGhia19881.45spd ManualDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
E51* *OGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolBlueOn the RoadView >
E551 **LGhia19871.1AutoPetrolUnknownView >
E557 **RGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteOff the RoadView >
E559 **RGhia19881.1PetrolMercury GreyUnknownView >
E568 **CGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolGreyOn the RoadView >
E577 **DGhia19871.1AutoPetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
E614 **TGhia19871.1AutoPetrolSilica GoldUnknownView >
E618 **KGhia19871.1PetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
E628 **EGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadView >
E642 **BGhia19881.1PetrolUnknownView >
E678 **BGhia19881.1PetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E730 **HGhia19881.1AutoPetrolCrystal BlueUnknownView >
E73* *NGhia19871.1AutoPetrolGoldUnknownView >
E767 **UGhia19881.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E776 **OGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverOff the RoadView >
E778 **OGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverOff the RoadView >
E796 **LGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolRegency RedOff the RoadView >
E806 **VGhia19881.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E812 **LGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolWillow GreenUnknownView >
E850 **RGhia19881.1AutoPetrolUnknownView >
E855 **JGhia19871.1AutoPetrolOff the RoadView >
E897 **TGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
E904 **LGhia19871.1PetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
E925 **LGhia19871.1AutoPetrolBlackUnknownView >
E928 **KGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadView >
E946 **JGhia19871.45spd ManualPetrolDiamond White On the RoadView >
E98* *CGhia19871.1AutoPetrolWillow GreenOn the RoadView >
F105 **AGhia19891.14spd ManualPetrolMercury GreyUnknownView >
F170 **JGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
F173 **GGhiaUnknown1.1PetrolMercury GreyUnknownView >
F216 **DGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
F216 **YGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolGoldUnknownView >
F221 **HGhiaUnknownUnknownView >
F228 **FGhia19891.1PetrolMercury GreyUnknownView >
F280 **KGhia19871.14spd ManualPetrolRosso RedOff the RoadView >
F282 **MGhia19881.1PetrolCrystal BlueUnknownView >
F312 **HGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolStrato SilverScrappedView >
F343 **BGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolCardinal RedUnknownView >
F370 **BGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolMaritime BlueUnknownView >
F412 **EGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolBurgundy RedOn the RoadView >
F413 **XGhia19881.1PetrolCrystal BlueUnknownView >
F421 **LGhia19891.14spd ManualPetrolRedScrappedView >
F454 **CGhia19891.1PetrolUnknownView >
F460 **HGhia19891.1Burgundy RedOn the RoadView >
F469 **GGhia19891.14spd ManualPetrolBurgandy RedOn the RoadView >
F492 **MGhia19891.14spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadView >
F499 **OGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
F544 **CGhia19881.1PetrolCrystal BlueUnknownView >
F555 **TGhia19881.1AutoPetrolBlackOn the RoadView >
F590 **NGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadView >
F594 **CGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadView >
F60* *YGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
F617 **CGhia19881.15spd ManualPetrolBlueOn the RoadView >
F693 **UGhia19881.1PetrolMercury GreyUnknownView >
F704 **MGhia19881.45spd ManualPetrolOn the RoadView >
F712 **CGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolWillow Green MetalicOff the RoadView >
F720 **RGhiaUnknownUnknownView >
F744 **HGhia19891.1PetrolRegency RedOn the RoadView >
F756 **RGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolRedOn the RoadView >
F75* *OGhia19891.15spd ManualPetrolMercury GreyOn the RoadView >
F770 **DGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolTasman Blue Off the RoadView >
F797 **RGhia19881.10PetrolGoldUnknownView >
F799 **PGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolBlackOff the RoadView >
F79* *XGhia19881.1PetrolUnknownView >
F812 **YGhia19891.1AutoPetrolSilica GoldUnknownView >
F819 **JGhia19881.1AutoPetrolRegency RedUnknownView >
F83* *KGhia19881.1PetrolRadiant RedUnknownView >
F847 **XGhiaUnknown1.1AutoPetrolDiamond WhiteUnknownView >
F876 **VGhia19881.1PetrolChestnutUnknownView >
F918 **AGhia19881.1PetrolStrato SilverUnknownView >
F919 **OGhia19881.14spd ManualPetrolSilica GoldOff the RoadView >
F923 **JGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolGreyUnknownView >
F950 **AGhia19891.45spd ManualPetrolScrappedView >
F990 **KGhia19761.35spd ManualPetrolRosso RedOn the RoadView >
G607 **XGhia19891.14spd ManualPetrolUnknownView >
G66* *JGhia19891.1PetrolUnknownView >
HJI6 **0Ghia19841.35spd ManualPetrolCardinal RedUnknownView >
J111 **6Ghia19861.45spd ManualPetrolCreamOn the RoadView >
MU53 7**H Ghia19881.65spd ManualDieselMercury GreyOn the RoadView >
PA-3 7**5 Ghia19881.15spd ManualPetrolOff the RoadView >
PE-7 0**4 Ghia19881.15spd ManualPetrolChestnutOff the RoadView >

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in our Retro Fiesta Register is reliant on submissions by owners and enthusiasts, whilst we make every effort to ensure it's accuracy, we cannot be sure that it is 100% correct. If you can improve on the information listed please contact us via email at info@projectbobcat.com

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