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Andy Smith

Author: Andy Smith | Photographer: Andy Smith

Engine Bay Paint

Got the call i've been waiting for..... The car has some paint on it! Engine bay is done, inside and outside are being painted Mon/Tues and I will be collecting the car Wednesday. To say i'm excited is an understatement!!
A few pics of the bay.

Fully Resprayed

Inside and outside are now painted, just waiting on the doors, bonnet and boot which will be done tomorrow ready for Wed.

Reassembly Begins

I started putting some bits back on the car last night, my pictures didn't come out that great but I've got the rear axle and bits in there now, going to put the front suspension on tonight so I can get it back onto its wheels.

Suspension assembled

I've got all the front suspension on now.

I've also put the boot pins on...

A few of the front end...

I've finished off my coil on plug conversion as well.

Next job I think is to make a spacer for my centre push hydraulic clutch conversion, and hopefully buy the inlet manifold next week so i can then put the engine and gearbox in. Slowly making progress.

Some photos outside

Pushed the car out the garage earlier to have a sweep up in the garage, so took a couple of pictures while it was outside. I really need to get some new tyres for the back it makes it look like a monster truck, i even keep thinking it may have been better on 13's.

A new inlet manifold

I got my inlet manifold yesterday so it would be rude not to fit it on the engine and put the engine in the bay!

Progress is made

I've been doing a few bits on the car recently, i need to buy some more stuff to get on a bit more. First job was sort a bracket out for the brake and clutch reservoir.

Then got the fittings welded onto my oil cooler and fitted that, forgot to take a picture of it before i fitted the intercooler and radiator but you can just about make it out


Engine bay is getting there now...

Got all the normal wiring done, lights, indicators etc still got to put the new fuse box in and connect it up

I started to make a new dash, it's very much in the early stages, i'm going to add a piece over the top of the driverside for the digi dash to sit in, then cut the centre out and put a piece of carbon along the front.


Lastly for this update, I've sorted the brakes out on the front now, 304mm discs, Brembo 4 pots off a fiat coupe and EBC yellow stuff pads.

The jobs list is getting shorter

I've been doing a few bits of late, just waiting on buying more stuff really, finished off making the centre push clutch, using a focus slave cylinder and turning down a bit of billet to make the spacer, then got the gearbox in.

Made a gear lever surround and fitted the hand brake, just trial fits at the moment then i'll get them powder coated.

And lastly bought all the fuel pumps and filters and made a swirl pot which again is trial fitted before powder coated. Using a Holley blue lift pump and then genuine ford filters and a bosch 044 to the engine.

Also after re aligning the seats i managed to get both in without hitting the door bars, although its a tight squeeze.

Still left to make is a header tank, oil catch tank, oil breather, nav foot rest, battery tray, windscreen washer bottle.

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